Living Successfully with Adult ADD / ADHD: Working to Your Strengths

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Working to your strengths is one of the keys to living successfully with Adult ADD / ADHD.

It’s the goal I have with my ADD coaching clients. When people ask me for advice about living more easily with ADHD working to your strengths is one of the first strategies I recommend.

Today I’m reminded why.

Two months ago when one of my ADHD coaching clients asked me to write his business plan it seemed like a fine idea.

He was very clear on what he wanted and had a format to follow. Though my ADD coaching practice was full, I’m pretty good at ADHD time management. I thought I could handle the extra work.

That was all true. I did have plenty of time to write the business plan. Managing time wasn’t my problem.

You see, I used to write systems documentation for a living. In my corporate job that’s the kind of thing I did 40 hours a week. Writing a business plan isn’t that different. Give me a format to follow, and I can produce a darn fine business plan.

Here’s the problem. I really hate doing it. I forgotten how much I hate writing plans.

I’d forgotten that if I had a job that more suited my ADD strengths I might not have left the corporate world to begin with.

So, when my client asked me if I could write his business plan I thought, yes, I can do that. I can help this good person out and makes some easy extra cash at the same time.

I forgot my number one rule for living successfully with ADD.

Here’s the ugly reality. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t make it a strength.

It’s now two months later and the business plan isn’t done. I’m working on it and it will get done, but, man, is it painful.

I have discovered great ways to procrastinate. Amazing all the unimportant stuff I’ve gotten done! But, the worst part is how the ADD procrastinating and avoiding have drained my energy. With this dreaded business plan on my to do list, I end my days an absolute exhausted rag, something that rarely happens when I stay in my world of strengths as an ADHD coach.

Once again, the realities of living successfully with ADD / ADHD smack me right between the eyes. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Before taking on any task, you have to consider if that something is one of your strengths. If it isn’t, and you don’t have to do it, avoid it. It’s just not worth setting yourself up to struggle.

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