The Hidden Cost of Procrastination

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cost of procrastinationProcrastination is a hot topic here at ADD Success World Headquarters these days. Actually, when you’re dealing with ADHD, procrastinating is always a hot topic. But, ADHD and the cost of procrastination have popped up in more coaching calls this week.

Perhaps there’s something in the air.

With ADHD in the picture, you know procrastination is an evil demon. But, have you considered what procrastinating costs you?

I mean more than the financial cost of ADHD procrastination. I’m talking about the organizational, emotional and time costs as well.

Take a look at many of your ADHD challenges, and you’ll find procrastination buried near the root.

  • That pile of clothes on the chair in your bedroom? Procrastination plays a part. Would your clothes be in a wrinkled mess if you’d tossed them in the hamper when you took them off?
  • The late fee on your electric bill? Thank you procrastination! If you’d handled the bill when it arrived instead of tossing it in a stack to deal with later, you’d have saved a few bucks.
  • Late for a meeting? If you’d left when your meeting reminder went off you wouldn’t have had to race across town and make excuses because you were late. (You do use meeting reminders, don’t you?)
  • Lost an hour frantically searching for your car keys? Procrastination again. Imagine if you’d put your keys away instead of tossing them down thinking, “I’ll do that later.”

As you see from these examples, ADHD’s procrastination costs you time, money, and stress. (By the way, those are all real life situations from recent ADHD coaching calls.)

How to Reduce the Cost of Procrastination

Start cutting your ADHD procrastination costs by noticing your habits and thoughts. You can’t fix it until you notice it.

  • Notice when you delay taking an action and the problems it causes.
  • Notice your self-talk or thoughts when you procrastinate.

Focus on doing tiny tasks immediately when it makes sense. Socks in the hamper instead of on the floor. Shred the paper instead of tossing it in a “shred later” pile. Get the idea?

With ADHD the cost of procrastination is high. I urge you to notice it and its impact on your life and business. Outsmarting procrastination is key to living successfully with Adult Attention Deficit.

Want the Bullet Train Ticket to tackling procrastination? Join the ADHD Success Club. We focus on tools and tricks so you stop procrastinating and start getting stuff done.



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