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Albert Einstein was quite the guy. All those brains and crazy hair, too!

Do you have a favorite Einstein quote? Mine is, “You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.”

Most likely, when Einstein said that, he was speaking about mathematics not how to live successfully with ADHD. Yet his words speak beautifully to many areas of human nature, particularly to ADD nature.

According to, consciousness means the state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings.

In other words, Consciousness equals Awareness.

Aware is the key word. For without awareness you’ll find it much harder to live successfully with ADHD.

When we know what we do and why we do it, we are able to change our consciousness and create better, more successful ADHD solutions.

Is it possible for a person with Adult ADHD to learn to be aware?

Yes, with time and effort awareness is possible.

How To Become Aware So You Can Live Successfully with ADHD

To help you along the path, here are my basic steps to increasing ADHD awareness.


1. ADHD Success Starts with Tools

The first step is use tools such as timers or visual cues to regularly remind you to check-in and see what and how you are doing.

  • Are you doing what you intended or have you wandered off path into the weeds?
  • Are you overwhelmed, stressed or at ease with your task?
  • Do you even know what your path is?!?

2. Pinpoint The Cause and Effect

After you have assessed where you are, your next step in creating awareness is connecting how and what you’re doing with its cause.

Perhaps you’re overwhelmed because you need a simple system to keep your bills in one place.

Perhaps you’re distracted and sluggish because you didn’t get enough sleep last night or your medication is wearing off. Over time you’ll learn what situations cause you problems.

Personally, I know it’s harder to live successfully with ADHD if I’m hungry or thirsty because my symptoms get worse and my brain simply won’t function well.

3. Create Solutions

This is the fun part; creating a solution to the problem; a solution that suits your temperament, brain and strengths.

Creating a solution is where Einstein’s statement about different consciousness pays off. When you are creative and inquisitive you are more likely to create a solution that will solve your problem.

Often this is when working with an ADHD coach can help. Because the coach brings in a different viewpoint, or consciousness, to a problem, the adult with Attention Deficit  is able to create a better solution and live more successfully with ADHD.


  1. Rich

    I have been told I need an ADHD coach.
    I would connect with FaceTime, Duo or Sype.


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