Life-Changing ADHD Travel Lists

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ADHD SystemsDoes traveling with ADHD means last minute panics and “I forgots”? Then pay attention. Keep reading, and you’ll learn the ADHD travel tip that has changed my life. My ADHD Travel Lists.



My ADHD travel lists do more than the typical packing lists most people think about. To be calm and prepared to hit the road, ADHD adults need more structure than just a packing list.

Don’t get me wrong. Those travel packing lists are must haves! And, they’re not enough.

Making travel easier takes planning. You may have noticed that the Adult ADHD brain doesn’t take naturally to planning. Sure, we may plan where we’re going and when. But then we stop and say those famous ADHD words, “I’ll finish later.”

We forget all about the important details that need handling before our trip.

My ADHD travel lists erase those unprepared moments. I still find it hard to believe that these days I’m packed and ready to leave calmly and on time. Life is now so much easier than the olden days when my ADHD was out-of-control!

Three Life-Changing ADHD Travel Lists

My best ADHD travel tip? Make lists of the things you need to do before leaving for that vacation or business trip. I recommend three lists to guide you on the tasks to prepare for your trip.

Travel List #1: Initial Trip Planning

Make a list of all the things you might possibly need to do when you first learn about a trip. Booking your airline, rental car, hotel arrangements, house care / pet care / kennel arrangements. Naturally, you won’t need to do all of these for every type of trip. But it’s good to have all possibilities written down, so you don’t forget.

Travel List #2. Do Two Weeks Before

Here is where you list all the things you need to do just a couple of weeks before going away. Include things like refilling ADHD medications, holding the mail, confirming animal and plant care. Also, buying any supplies, toiletries or clothes you might need on your trip.

ADHD SUCCESS TIP: This is where I start thinking about what clothes I’ll pack. Of course, I won’t pack ahead of time. Planning what to pack takes some of the pressure off of the last minute.

Travel List #3. Last Minute Tasks

List those last minute details you don’t want to forget: set light timers, water the plants, dump anything that would rot out of the fridge, empty the trash, unplug the computers, download movies and shows, pay the bills, and get cash. Oh, and pack your suitcase!

Finally, think through what you need while on the road (or plane). This includes snacks, water, audiobooks, or reminders for the dog leashes, car charger, etc…

Yes, these ADHD travel lists will take a few minutes to set up. But, you do it once and preparing calmly for travel gets easier for the rest of your life.

I keep the lists in my phone so they’re always with me.

Now, the next time you travel, along with your packing list, you’ll have step-by-step guides of what to do before you leave. Your scattered brain won’t have to remember a thing! It’ll just have to follow the steps on your ADHD travel lists.

Living with ADHD just got easier!


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