Still Waiting to Fulfill Your Dreams?

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Often people with ADHD give up on their dreams. I know I did for years. With ADHD snarling the details of life, reaching your dreams can seem impossible.

After all, how can you expect to….{INSERT YOUR ABANDONED DREAM HERE} when you can’t handle the laundry, answer your emails, or get anywhere on time?

Please don’t give up. There is hope.

And, I have proof.

On Monday, Cara sent me this email about how getting her ADHD under control allowed her to make her dream a reality.

Cara’s story inspired me so much, she gave me permission to share it with you.

First, though, a bit about Cara. Along with having a busy career with lots of responsibility, she’s a wife, and a mom of two young kids.

Cara was a member of my ADHD Success Club. She was also in my original group program, the ADHD Management Mastery group. (Management Mastery was the seed that blossomed into the Success Club.)

Obviously, Cara isn’t sitting around waiting for her life to get easier. She takes outsmarting her ADHD seriously.

Here’s Cara’s story.

Cara Makes Her Dream Come True

In 2017, I started decluttering and getting organized around my house. I followed many of your principles and was making slow and steady progress. It was going great!

In part due to my getting organized and revealing the beauty of our home again, we had finally decided we were going to stay in our house forever and upgrade our “one-butt kitchen” in the summer of 2018. But when our neighbor’s house across the street went up for sale, we leapt on it!

This is the house that my husband and I had always joked that if they ever moved, we were TOTALLY going to buy it (HA-HA-HA). Well, out of nowhere, that was a reality. Our dream home was for sale.

So we got set up with a mortgage company ON LABOR DAY and had a bid in on the house on Tuesday at noon. There were 3 bids. We got it!!!!!

We would have NEVER seized on the opportunity to buy our dream home if it hadn’t have been for you and my following your guidance on decluttering and getting organized all those preceding months.

THE ONLY REASON I was able to say, “Yes”, to trying for our dream home was that I felt like I had my house in order and was in a place that I could do it.

HONESTLY, I would have felt too overwhelmed by the idea of moving and staging our home if I hadn’t been getting more organized all that time. If the home had come up a year prior to that, I would have argued against moving and regretted it the whole time. We would have missed our chance!

ADHD can hold us in so many ways. But this is a story about overcoming the burden of ADHD, taking baby steps–consistently, and then getting the reward of being able to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity.

And there’s more!

If I had not been so organized, we wouldn’t have been able to line up a mortgage offer over the holiday. But we were able to locate and send the mortgage officer files within the hour of contacting her.

We were so organized and responsive throughout the process, that the mortgage officer said we were the most organized couple she’s ever dealt with.

ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said that about ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! If she only knew…

Anyway, thank you for what you do. My husband thanks you, too. I think he’s amazed at how under control I had it all. It’s all your influence.

What’s Your Dream?

Does ADD / ADHD’s chaos block your dream?

Does reaching your dream include getting organized and managing your time and tasks?

Making life with ADHD easier?

Then, consider joining my ADHD Success Club. I’ll teach you what I learned in my 30 years of experience smacking down my ADHD.

Space is almost gone in the new Success Club season starting September 11.

Please, don’t give up on you. Don’t give up on your dream.

Get help for your ADHD / ADD.

Join the ADHD Success Club now.


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