My Favorite Tools For Improving Focus with ADHD

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improving focus with ADHDAre you having a hard time improving focus with ADHD? Perhaps spending too much time dinking around online while your priorities wither from neglect?

While the internet is a powerful tool, lives are being lost to cell phones and other fancy widgets. Their influence is ruining people’s focus.

From scrolling through social media, to compulsive shopping, or playing online games late into the night. All too easily, hours are wasted away and focus starts fading away. Not to mention the impact on brain function.

Why Improving Focus with ADHD is Important

Having a working brain is critical for improving focus with ADHD. And, if you’re not getting enough sleep because you stayed up too late playing online games, the rest of your life is harder. Brains need sleep in order to function and get things done.  

Adding to the sleep challenge is the guilt brought on by compulsive shopping. The more time you spend on the internet, the more likely you will find the next shiny thing you want to buy. Your bank account will drain and your clutter will build. Then the guilt sets in.

Time spent mindlessly scrolling through the internet is time not spent getting important things done in your life. If you’ve tried to stay off the internet, but can’t, then it’s time to accept more help. Technology can help you gain more control over the internet so you can get back to focusing on the important stuff in life.

I use my iPhone’s Screen Time app to corral my impulse to grab my phone and mindlessly start scrolling Instagram or Facebook. I’ve set it up so I can’t access social media pages or other time-sucking sites after 8 p.m. It’s amazing how much other stuff I get done during that time! And I get to bed at a decent hour, too.

ADHD-Friendly Tools for Helping You Focus

If you’re looking for some technology tools for improving your focus with ADHD, here are my other favorites:


Netsanity helps you control how and when you use the Internet. Don’t be fooled by the fact that Netsanity is marketed as a tool to help parents control their kid’s screen time. Netsanity’s customizable features are great for adults too! For more information, click here.


Freedom is an app that helps protect your time and atten­tion from online distract­ions so that you can do more of what you love. What I especially like is Freedom’s flexibility. Available for Macs, Windows, and iPhones. Their website says the Android version is coming soon. Check it out here.

It can be a challenge improving focus with ADHD. Even though internet addiction is becoming more widely accepted, you don’t have to join the throng. Find ways technology can help you. You’ll discover new ways for improving your focus and finally get back to your priorities! Feel free to share with me your success stories!

A Few More of My Favorites 

These aren’t technology related, but they are some of my favorite tools for improving focus with ADHD:

Let the power of music bring harmonious focus into your life. is music designed by scientists for your brain. Yes, you read that right…focus music for your brain! Neuroscience has discovered how music can help you pay attention, get started on tasks, and stop feeling overwhelmed. Music to your ears, right? For more information, click here.

BlueBiotics Ultimate Care Probiotic

My clients and I notice a huge boost in focus when we add a good quality probiotic to our daily routine. Rated #1 Probiotic of 2018 by The Consumer’s Health Report, this one is my choice for quality probiotics. Of course, check with your doctor first. If you are interested, click here.


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