Turning I Can’t Into I Can

In The ADHD Success Club for this week, Dana’s homework involved paying attention to what I can’t do with ADHD no matter how hard I try. Really?!!??!! How can success mean focusing on what I am [...]

Maya Discovers ADHD Clutter Awareness

Maya is building ADHD clutter awareness this week after Module #7 of the ADHD Success Club dug into where clutter comes from and what to do about it. Read on for Maya’s thoughts: Amazingly, the [...]

Winning the ADHD Mental Fog Battle

Maya, our ADHD Success Club guest blogger, has been struggling with ADHD mental fog. Good thing the Success Club focused on boosting brain functioning this week. Here are Maya’s observations and [...]

Maya and Her ADHD Friendly Calendar

This week the morning ADHD Success Club worked on how to have an ADHD friendly calendar. First, Maya, our guest blogger, writes about the shifts she’s beginning to notice in her organizing habits [...]

Act Like an Organized Person, Maya

Can someone with ADHD learn to think and act like an organized person? This is the shift we talked about in the ADHD Success Club last week. Here are our guest blogger, Maya’s, reflections [...]

Reminders help ADHD and Maya

Join our guest blogger Maya as she continues her journey to ADHD success with the ADHD Success Club. This is her second blog this week as she digs deeper into how reminders help ADHD adults move [...]

Nagging ADHD Reminders for Maya

Maya is back sharing her struggles with using ADHD reminders to getting stuff done. This week’s ADHD Success Club has focused on using watertight ADHD reminders to ensure that daily, weekly, [...]

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