Making Meditation ADHD Friendly

I love the insights Maya shares in this blog about making meditation ADHD friendly. She’s spot on. Meditating may be important for quieting and strengthening the ADHD brain, but, man is it hard [...]

Maya is Struggling with ADHD

As you’ll read below, Maya is struggling with ADHD this week. As she says, there’s an ebb and flow to succeeding with ADHD. Maya is in an ebb right now. As an ADHD coach, I wish I could totally [...]

Is Maya Avoiding ADHD Distractions?

The morning ADHD Success Club is focusing on avoiding ADHD distractions. Obviously an important muscle ADHD adults must build. In this blog post you’ll read how Maya wrestled to avoid [...]


Getting ADHD coaching clients to exercise isn’t easy. Sure, some folks make exercise a regular part of life, but most don’t. The problem is that general health isn’t why I need my clients to [...]

Maya and Setting Realistic Goals

We’ve been working on setting realistic goals in the morning ADHD Success Club. Goal setting is important. It keeps us on track and provides direction. But…and that’s a big but…with [...]

The ADHD Stimulation Lever

Last week in the morning Success Club (my group ADHD coaching program) I taught the group an essential ADHD Success skill. I call it the ADHD Stimulation Lever. Here’s Maya’s report on the [...]

Time Chunks Provide ADHD Structure

ADHD adults need structure to focus. Time chunks build structure in unstructured lives. Maya is struggling with time chunks. I’m not surprised. As a teacher, she has structure imposed upon much [...]

Getting Clear on Priorities

Maya’s clarity on her priorities is fantastic! Makes my heart sing. Not knowing what to work on when is a major block for ADHD coaching clients. It’s also a step many resist putting into place. [...]

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