Maya’s Take on Desk Organization

I taught the AM ADHD Success Club my desk organization system in Module 18. Maya, our guest blogger, did a great write up explaining the various pieces. Here’s to an productive work area! [...]

Maya Meets the ADHD Friendly Diet

I began glowing while reading Maya’s insights about the ADHD friendly diet. I’m thrilled with Maya’s recent jump in progress. (If you missed it, Maya is our ADHD Success Club guest blogger.) [...]

Maya Learns ADHD Self Acceptance

Gotta love Maya. She didn’t write a darn thing about the Morning Routines module I just taught the AM Success Club. Instead she wrote about something better. How over the past months her [...]

Maya Tackles Planning with ADHD

Last week the AM ADHD Success Club focused on planning with ADHD. The different types of planning and how to fit them in your life. This is a key step for living easier with task lists. [...]

Maya Lives Easier with ADHD!

Maya, our ADHD Success Club guest blogger, had an epiphany this week. She’s realizing that living easier with ADHD takes more than just systems and skills. It takes a certain mindset. Plus, [...]

Maya Struggles with ADHD Success

Maya, our guest blogger, struggles with ADHD Success this week. I long for magic wands. Sadly, they don’t exist. Living easier with ADHD takes awareness, skills, patience, and baby steps. [...]

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