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Let’s make your season a little more merry and bright. Today I’m sharing my ADHD Christmas wishes for you. Wishes that have bubbled to the top of my mind lately.

It all started last Friday when Favorite Husband and I ventured into the mountains to harvest our Christmas tree. There’s something about snowshoeing on a crisp, snowy day that gets me thinking.

On our drive off the mountain, we started talking about what getting our Christmas tree was like years ago. How overwhelmed I used to get. How much more friction and frustration we had because things were hard for me. And our relief that nowadays it’s so much easier.  

These days, I can adjust easier. I’m happier. More aware. And way more organized. We don’t argue as much. Of course, I still do goofy things, ADHD never goes away, after all. But, the goofy things are rarer and no longer a constant annoyance.

At first, I chalked up the changes to us being older and wiser. But Favorite Husband pointed out that I needed to accept the credit. That I need to acknowledge how hard I’ve worked to get to this place. This place of ADHD Success.

This is what I wish for you. Not just during the holiday season, but year-round. So here’s a few heartfelt ADHD Christmas wishes for you.  

My ADHD Christmas Wish List

  • My first ADHD Christmas wish is that you pause for a moment and step back to recognize your efforts. We are often too hard on ourselves, and get easily frustrated. But when we stop and see how far we’ve come, we can see the progress we’re making in our journey.  
  • I wish you self-acceptance and patience with yourself. You aren’t broken. You just need to figure out a different way to live. How to ADHD-proof your life. The way others live may suit them, you need to live a life that  suits you best.
  • I wish you more awareness. The spark that lit my transformation was realizing that the way I treated my body had a huge effect on how well my brain worked. This awareness was the launching pad that allowed me to change my life.
  • My final ADHD Christmas wish is that you learn to walk through the world as an ADHD adult using your gifts and strengths. Because you have them. You are amazing. Your full potential is out there waiting for you. Do what you must to get ADHD out of your way so you can reach it. Sure, it may be hard to do. But, you can do hard things.

So this season, let your heart be light. Allow these wishes into your life. My ADHD Christmas wish list is not only possible, it’s doable. May there be peace in your life as you gift yourself acceptance, awareness, and hope for a change that will bring you lasting peace.

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