4 Ways to Take Your ADHD Seriously

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take ADHD seriously

What’s the common theme I’ve been hearing from ADHD Success Club members this season? 

They’re getting help because they’re finally taking their ADHD seriously.

In fact, as one person said, “This ADHD thing is real and just not thinking about it doesn’t make it go away. In fact, it makes it worse.” 

Does this sound familiar? Are you struggling to accept that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder actually exists? Despite a lifetime of struggling with distraction, disorganization, and getting stuff done? This happens and it’s not leading you to an easier life.

Before we move on, let’s talk a moment about what taking ADHD seriously means. How believing that it exists can change the way you function and manage your ADHD. 

Taking your ADHD seriously means that instead of hoping the clutter, abandoned projects, and ignored tasks vanish on their own, you try a different approach. You get the help you need to reduce ADHD’s power over your life. 

Just because you have an ADHD diagnosis or are taking ADHD medication doesn’t mean you believe your ADHD is real. Over the years, I’ve helped many people who had been diagnosed for years, took their medication, and continued to struggle. 

Taking attention deficit seriously means accepting it is a real block to your goals and dreams and doing something about reducing its power over your life.

How to Take ADHD Seriously

1. Stop Looking for Magic Arrows 

There is no one tip or pill that will make your ADHD vanish. Yes, the medication can make it easier to focus and get started, but you still have to build awareness and skills and cement new habits. 

Last week when I spoke at the ADHD Toolbox (thanks for your love notes and encouragement, BTW), the questions I received were mostly looking for magic arrows. That one tip that would make the person’s attention deficit vanish and help them be on time. 

Ready for it?

It ain’t there. There’s no one magic strategy. It infiltrates life and is a condition that you need to untangle and improve one symptom at a time. Luckily the small steps snowball and it does get easier. 

2. Get Curious and Crafty

One of my favorite sayings is: Shame Isn’t a solution; instead get curious. When you’re taking ADHD seriously, you stop the excuses and blame and look for the root of what caused the problem in the first place.

I often talk about outsmarting ADHD. We can’t push blindly against attention deficit and hope things will get easier. Luckily, creativity is one of our gifts. Getting curious and creative is the starting point on the path to success.

Next time you fall or oops, step back and think about what really happened. Get clear. What sparked the problem? How can you approach it differently next time? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results isn’t a solution. 

3. Take Care of Your Brain

You know that ADHD is a deal with your brain chemistry, right? Yep. You and your life pay the price for how your brain works. Luckily there are things you can do to help your brain work better so it can focus and start stuff and finish stuff, too!

Yes, medication can help. That’s the scientifically recognized way to treat ADHD. But there’s more! Getting enough good sleep, eating an ADHD-friendly diet, getting the exercise your brain needs, drinking enough water. These can be slippery habits to cement, but it’s worth it. Remember you’re taking ADHD seriously, right?

Bottom line — You can’t ignore how you take care of your brain and take ADHD seriously. Especially as you get older.

4. Find Support

You’ll make faster, more sustainable progress with help. Struggling can be lonely. We think we’re the only ones and there’s much validation in knowing there are others like you.

And there are so many different avenues for support. ADDA has an adult ADHD support group. There are coaches and coaching groups. Podcasts and videos. Just make sure you’re getting help in ways that inspire you and level up your ADHD life skills and awareness. 

And you know, there is the ADHD Success Club! It’s the ultimate support package if I do say so myself. Weekly training and coaching, community support, accountability, whole lot of fun, tons of tips and information all designed to help you succeed with your ADHD.

Let me know how you’ll take your ADHD seriously (or if you need help doing so) and what you will do to reduce its power over your life. Comment below.

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