Don’t Let ADHD Stop You

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ADHD stop you

As we embark on a New Year, I have one wish for you…

No matter what goals you set. Regardless of what this year holds for you and what the next 12 months throw at you…I hope that you:

Don’t let ADHD stop you from creating the life you desire.

We do this too often – letting ADHD stop us – and in two different ways.

FIRST WAY: We let our challenges dictate our limitations and we hold ourselves back.

How many times have you started envisioning your life and what you want and you said:

“Well because of my ADHD, I know I can’t…”

Or “I want to do XYZ but I know I’ll never be able to because of my ADHD.” 

As an adult with ADHD, we’ve had so many setbacks. So many unmet goals that we stop dreaming without the ‘Have ADHD Can’t Do That’ filter.

SECOND WAY: Maybe you are excellent at using your imagination and you have big picture dreams, but taking the steps toward them never happens.

Why? There are sometimes 100 steps involved in accomplishing those big picture dreams and people with ADHD get stuck. Maybe it’s procrastinating on that first step, or getting bored, distracted or lost in the middle of things. Getting to the finish line is rare.

So I have a suggestion for this year…because quite honestly, after the last two, we all deserve to create the life we really want!


Maybe we need to shift focus on what creating the life we desire means. Maybe it’s not about Big Picture Goals. Or setting goals at all. 

Maybe it’s not about adding things, but about eliminating the things that aren’t working. The friction. Tolerations. Stuff that drives us crazy, drains our energy, destroys our attitude and distracts us from living the life we desire.

It’s easy to tolerate friction. To turn a blind eye to the irritations. Yet, eliminating friction provides a surefire energy boost and when they are gone, we might just find that we are creating the world we want.

So this year, let’s try it. 

Picture your life at the end of the year. What would you like to not have to deal with anymore? What do you find annoying? Things such as the boring job, untrained dog, being twenty pounds overweight, ADHD symptoms and toxic friends.

How would eliminating these things help you to create the life you want? One where you are less stressed, wealthier, happier, better organized, stronger relationships?

Creating the life we desire is challenging. Especially as an adult with ADHD. But it’s possible.

Once you envision the life you want to create, take the next step and learn how to eliminate friction in your life here → Free Your Life from Friction.

And post a comment to let me know what you’re going to eliminate!


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