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ADHD frictionDon’t let ADHD stop you from creating the life you desire…

Picture your life in five years. How would you like it to be? Wealthier? Happier? Better organized? Stronger relationships?

Creating the life you desire is challenging. Especially if you’re an adult with ADHD. Yet it is possible. The trick is deciding what to do first.

I suggest you start by sneaking up on the change. How? By eliminating the friction from your life. Friction drains your energy, destroys your attitude and distracts you from creating the life you want to have.

Think of friction as anything you’re tolerating. If something doesn’t work smoothly or annoys you, it’s friction.

Friction can be big things (the wrong job, a toxic relationship, out of control ADHD) and little things (a drippy faucet, a shaggy lawn) and all sorts of things in between (piles of unopened mail, a bad haircut, an ugly bedspread).

It’s easy to tolerate friction. To turn a blind eye to the irritations. Yet, eliminating friction provides a surefire energy boost. Plus, it removes distractions. Distractions that can keep you from creating the world you want.

Steps To Eliminating Friction…

The first step is to make a list: a long list of all the physical and emotional things you’re tolerating that cause friction in your life. I have my ADHD coaching clients start by getting out a pad of paper and walking around the house writing down everything they notice that bothers them. From marks on the wall, to frayed bath towels and clutter.

Next, brainstorm other things you find annoying and add them to your list. Things such as the boring job, untrained dog, being twenty pounds overweight, ADHD symptoms and toxic friends.

  • Look through your list crossing out anything you have no control over. Is it safe to say changing the tax code or creating world peace is probably out of your control? Be realistic.
  • Put your list someplace you won’t lose it and will see it often. This is ADHD after all! If you don’t see the list you won’t remember to work on it.
  • Now it’s time for action. Pick one thing from your list at a time and handle it. Start with the easy stuff. Fix the drippy faucet, mow the lawn, tackle the emails. Gradually start addressing the more challenging issues. Consider if there’s a way to eliminate the friction once and for all.

Will eliminating friction automatically get you to your five year vision? Not all the way. Yet, it’s an amazing springboard for creating the life you want. To sneak up on the things that drag you down and keep you stuck. ADHD or not!

My Fumble with Friction…

Part of being a good ADHD coach is walking my talk. That means not letting friction build up in my life. But, I must admit, sometimes things get away from me. I am human!

Thanks to our two energetic dogs my once lovely backyard has become an ugly mud hole. The lawn is dead. My flower bed resembles a motocross track. Handling it has been on my list, but it’s such a large job I’ve put it off.

My vision of my world includes a lovely yet dog-friendly backyard. This muddy mess is a major source of friction for me.

Here’s my vow. Saturday I’m getting out my clipboard and listing everything that’s bugging me about the yard.

Amazing. I feel more energized already! Will you join me this weekend in eliminating some friction from your life?


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