Best Tips for Picking an ADHD Coach

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Is the thought of picking an ADHD coach overwhelming? To some people choosing an ADHD coach seems so hard that they procrastinate for months or even years. They wait until ADHD kicks them to their knees before getting help.

Here’s some advice from 20 years of working with ADHD clients. Life will be easier when you get to work on your ADHD BEFORE your life falls apart. Start picking your ADHD coach now.

So, where do you start?

In last week’s ADHD Success, How To Find The Right ADHD Coach, you learned how to find a list of coaches. Your next step is to sort through that list and pick ADHD coaches to interview. Two or three should be enough.

After all, you want a coach that’s a good fit for you. The one who will help you navigate the shoals of your ADHD. This isn’t a place to settle.

Three Things To Think About When Picking An ADHD Coach

Specialized, Quality ADHD Coach Train

Just because someone is a life coach or has ADHD doesn’t mean they have the qualifications to help coach ADHD adults. Many life coaches say they can work with ADHD clients because they have a child or a friend who has ADHD. While this gives them a glimpse into what it’s like to live with ADHD, it doesn’t mean they know how to coach you. It’s kind of like saying just because you know how to drive a car you’re an auto mechanic.

A good ADHD coach has more than experience. A coach doesn’t just give advice. They know how to ask the right kinds of questions. How to motivate a client. How to help someone reach their goals. They have a delicate touch that will keep you getting stuff done while not getting overwhelmed. They also understand the ADHD brain and treatments, and how to help you reduce your ADHD symptoms.

This all means, you want a coach who is well-trained in ADHD coaching. Look for someone who has taken a multi-year, specialized ADHD coach training program. A weekend training isn’t enough. Hundreds of details go into guiding someone to living easier with ADHD. Your coach needs to understand the ins and outs of building a more effortless ADHD life.

Coaching Style 

A coach’s style is a fine point in picking your ADHD coach, but it’s important. You want your coach to be comfortable with what you need.

I’ll use myself to explain. I’m a results-oriented coach. Talking about a client’s struggles isn’t enough. I want to get their ADHD out of the way so they can reach their potential. I have a system and a program that works, and I expect my clients to take action.

Not everyone wants to take action. Some people need to talk more than they need to change. That’s fine if the person has a coach who’s happy with more talking than action. But, when I work with a client who needs to talk when I expect results we both end up frustrated.

Does that make sense? Get clear on what you truly need and want BEFORE you start interviewing coaches.

Specializes In What You Need 

The more focused the coach is on serving clients with what you need, the better they’ll be able to help you. 

Do you need to learn ADHD-friendly organizing and time management skills? Then look for a coach with that specialty. If you need career advice or help with relationships pick that kind of coach. If your child struggles in school, find a coach who works with students. 

Specialized focus is the gateway to experience. Experience is the path to helping you unravel the tangled web of your ADHD challenges.

Yes, there are other things to consider while choosing your ADHD coach. Your budget, the system the coach uses, how comfortable you feel talking to the person. Also, the kind of services they offer. Like, group or private coaching. (We’ll talk more about this next week.)

Once you know what to look for, picking an ADHD coach gets easier. I hope these tips have helped reduce your overwhelm and resistance. Please don’t wait to get help living with ADHD. Your potential is out there waiting for you!

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