How to Find the Right ADHD Coach

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what is adhd coachingMore and more adults are discovering they have ADHD. Even so, it can be tricky finding the right ADHD coach for adults. And, that means lots of adults with ADHD go without the help they need to be more productive and organized. 

From missed deadlines to procrastination, living with ADHD is stressful enough as it is. Finding help for ADHD shouldn’t be so hard. 

Today let’s remove some of the mystery around finding the right ADHD coach for adults.

What The Right ADHD Coach Knows

ADHD coaches help to hold you accountable and guide you to be more productive and organized. So you’re more peaceful and intentional while using your creativity and energy to hit your goals.

A coach who specializes in ADHD should be trained in three basic areas:

  • The ins and outs of how the ADHD brain works. ADHD is a brain-based condition. The right ADHD coach knows ways to help you get control over your rascally, distracted ADHD brain.
  • ADHD-friendly organizing, productivity, and life skills. The foundation of ADHD coaching. Techniques for NON-ADHD folks usually don’t work for ADHD folks. Since we think differently, we need different ways to stay organized and productive.
  • A basic understanding of the various ADHD medications and treatments. ADHD coaches don’t prescribe medication. However, a well-trained coach will help you know if your medication is doing its job or if you need to talk to your doc.

How to Find The Right ADHD Coach

Finding a trained ADHD coach can be tricky. There aren’t a lot of us. Plus, many ADHD coaches work by phone or video (Zoom or Skype) from home offices. We’re kind of hidden away. You probably won’t see a sign announcing ADHD Coaching Here while driving down the street.

Here are two places to look for the right ADHD coach for you

  1. Professional Organizations. You’ll find a complete listing of ADHD coaches on the ADHD Coaches Association (ACO) website. Look under the ‘Find A Coach’ section. Remember, most coaches work virtually so location doesn’t matter. I have clients all across the USA and Canada and even overseas.
  2. Internet. Since most coaches have websites, the Internet is a great place to find an ADHD coach. Simply searching for ADHD coaches won’t get you the best results though. Instead, Google a symptom you have trouble with, such as getting organized with ADHD.  

Look over websites. Read blog posts. Subscribe to newsletters. Look for someone you resonate with who has experience working with people like you.

You may have to do some digging when you decide it’s time to find an ADHD coach, but don’t give up. Finding the right coach to help make ADHD easier to live with is worth the effort.

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