We Proved Her Wrong!

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truth about ADHDFour years ago, when I set out to create the ADHD Success Club, my coach told me I couldn’t do it. She said no one would sign up for such a comprehensive program. That people with ADHD would only join programs that were quick and easy.

Sure lots of adults with ADHD are only interested in the easy way. The next shiny thing. And, there are short, quick tip group programs out there for them.

Except, here’s what I knew then that I still know now. Many people want more than quick tips. They want a totally new, easier way to live with ADHD.

That’s who the ADHD Success Club is for. People determined to find freedom from ADHD’s frustration and chaos. Who agree that living with ADHD shouldn’t be so hard.

And, they are serious about taking control of their life from their ADHD symptoms.

Finding true freedom from ADHD means lasting change. It’s not a quick fix. Building the knowledge, ability, and skills to reduce ADHD’s power takes time.

Lasting change means digging in to learn things like:

  • How your brain works and how to help it work better. So you can focus on what’s important. Control impulses. Avoid distractions. Slow the mental chatter. Stop procrastinating.
  • Practical ways to stay organized. How to clear clutter. Setup and maintain ADHD-friendly organizing systems at work and at home. Get rid of the piles of paper and overloaded files.
  • How to control your time and tasks so you can prioritize. Consistently keep a task list. Reduce overwhelm. Achieve your goals instead of just thinking about them. Finish projects.
  • How to build awareness and habits so life isn’t so frustrating and chaotic. Get places on time. Stop losing things. Follow routines. Stick to good habits. Build consistency.
  • How to get your ADHD out of your way so you can live to your potential. Share your creativity and zest with the world.

True freedom from ADHD is easier with the right support. Sure you could go it alone. But it’s much harder. It takes a lot longer, too. The right support will guide you with tools, skills, accountability, encouragement, compassion, and guidance.

Here’s the good news! We proved that coach wrong! ADHD adults CAN be determined and stick to a goal. Those who have committed to the ADHD Success Club are motivated, hopeful, more organized, and focused on what’s important.

The 4th season of the ADHD Success Club starts on September 10th. Please join us.


Don’t let ADHD block your potential one more day. Join the ADHD Success Club today!


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