Dealing with a Crisis and ADHD

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dealing with crisis

As we head into the holiday season, it’s important that we keep an eye on our productivity and our stress levels. And what is one thing that can impact both? Dealing with a crisis – whether it’s ours or a loved one’s! 

People with ADHD are highly skilled in taking on other people’s problems and creating our own. We want to help. We care. We have a hard time saying no. We procrastinate. We get distracted. We do things that start arguments and cause conflict. All things that can lead to overwhelm, frustration and panic.

And I have to tell you – some of the drama involvement and creation are intentional. Why?

Ready for the truth? It makes our brains feel good.

Yup. In fact, many of us enjoy the crisis and don’t even know it. The stress can be a dopamine hit, something our ADHD brains love. The stimulation focuses our brain so we can think clearly and get stuff done. We can swing into action and save the day. This is why we love pushing deadlines and can procrastinate just long enough to create a crisis of our own. 

To live easier with ADHD we need to find better ways to stimulate our brain chemistry so we can focus and get stuff done. We need to find other ways to get that dopamine hit that doesn’t involve damaging our relationships or stepping into the fire. We need to be thoughtful about where we get it and manage that.

So consider these questions as you create a Crisis Avoidance Plan:

  1. Whose crises do you take on? 
  2. What happens to your world and family when you take on or create a crisis?
  3. What types of things do you consider a crisis that aren’t?
  4. Where do you create crises to increase excitement and give a jolt of simulation to your ADHD brain?

Let’s get real about what we take on, what we create as we’re dealing with a crisis. And you just might find the holidays to be a whole lot less stressful!

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