5 Simple ADHD Tax Organizing Tips

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ADHD tax organizing

Today, let’s focus on ADHD and taxes. YES, it IS April 15th Tax Day and you’re probably thinking – WAIT! I’m late.

Breathe…you’re not.

This year, and 2021 ONLY, the federal tax deadline has moved to May 17 which gives you an extra month. **** Check with your state for their deadline as it may still be April 15. ****

So yes, you have a month to submit your federal taxes and you’re already thinking about it. You’re ahead of the game!

Before you go off and procrastinate, let’s talk about my favorite ADHD tax organizing tips that you can start implementing now. Won’t life be peachy when organizing your tax information is quick and easy?

Last week’s blog was about curing procrastination on your taxes. If you missed it, you can read the blog here: The Cure for ADHD Procrastinating on Taxes.

5 Favorite ADHD Tax Organizing Tips

Here are my favorite tax organizing tips for ADHD adults.

  1. Remember, organizing taxes has two parts. The year-round information gathering AND actually preparing your taxes. Thinking about organizing taxes as two parts makes it less overwhelming for ADHD. Organizing tax information thoughtfully year-round makes the preparing part tons easier.
  2. Know what tax information you need to report. Why? Because this tells you what you need to gather. Of course, this depends on your work situation, deductions, investments, and such. Keeping everything or nothing complicates life. Figure out exactly what information you need to prepare your taxes. Guessing may seem the easy route in the moment but it’ll turn tax preparing into a hot mess, I promise.
  3. Technology is your friend. Use it. Capturing tax info right as you pay bills makes ADHD tax organizing loads easier. There are many financial software choices. I use Quicken. Gotta love how it downloads right from my bank and credit card companies into the software. Even if you have to adjust the records a bit it is still easier than doing it all by hand.
  4. Easy ADHD tax organizing demands simple holding places for all your tax-related paperwork. Have envelopes in random stacks and piles all over the house? Stop that! You are making tax time a living hell. Instead get a simple vertical file holder on your desk or counter with a few manilla folders. Or one drawer designated just for tax papers and nothing else. Simple is best. All you need is ONE place to shove tax papers. 
  5. Remember your digital tax info, too. Each year more and more tax information arrives by email. ADHD tax organizing gets easier when you collect these emails year round. Create a folder in your email inbox to move all your tax-related email into as they arrive. No need to sort into small categories. One big, messy folder will do.

This system isn’t pretty but it works. It’s based on the system I’ve used for years. Remember successful ADHD tax organizing means keeping things simple.

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