I Want Peace, For Myself and You

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I participated in the group coaching program of a top business coach a couple of years back.

I’ll never forget what happened to me at one of her retreats. We were working on motivation, and I was in front of at least 100 other people in the group coaching program.


The coach was asking me what I wanted, and here’s what I told her.

I want peace.

She didn’t like my answer.

“You don’t want a new car?”, she asked. “No”, I replied. “I want peace.”

“You don’t want to go on an exotic vacation?” “No. I want peace.”

“You don’t want a million dollars?” “No. I want peace.”

She couldn’t grasp that things aren’t what I’m after. Dangling the idea of more, fancier stuff in front of me doesn’t kick my ADHD rear in gear.

Sure those things are nice. In fact, I’ve gotten the new car and taken a couple of amazing vacations since then. (I’m still working on the million dollars.)

But they don’t bring me a deep sense of calm that floods my soul. That’s the peace I’m after.

You see, I’ve worked with some powerful, wealthy people in my years as an ADHD coach. I will admit that I used to be envious of them. The cars, the houses, the jewelry, the vacations.

Over time I learned something important from rubbing shoulders with these folks. Stuff doesn’t make anyone happy. Vacations don’t make anyone happy. Neither does money.

In fact, some of the most miserable people I know have the most stuff and the fanciest lifestyles.

That’s why what I’m after is peace.

In my experience, peace doesn’t come from having a lot of stuff but from having the right stuff.

In my experience, peace doesn’t come from having tons of money. Peace comes from having enough money to live comfortably and generously.

Peace doesn’t come from checking exotic places off my bucket list. It comes from being at the right place at the right time with the right people. Even if that’s playing dominos with my family around our dining room table or snuggling on the sofa with our dogs.

My peace comes from living in integrity with my values and beliefs. From making a difference in others’ lives. From my strong spiritual center.

My peace comes from having my ADHD under control. From being aware, calm, and focused on what’s important to me.

What’s my wish for you this holiday season? I think you know the answer.


Happy Christmas. May you and yours have a peaceful, fun, calm holiday season.


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