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April is a big month for me.

Favorite Husband and I celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. (Who knew I could stick with something for so many years. Not bored yet!) To celebrate we are taking a long awaited vacation to New York.

Another big thing? ADHD Success Club members are becoming Masters of Their Days.


Master of Your Day? What’s that about?

Master of Your Day is one of my favorite ADHD Success Club units. It’s where members begin breaking free from sticky ADHD struggles and start mastering time.

  • How To Be On Time. Chronic lateness is a hallmark ADHD characteristic. Being late frustrates us. Gets us in trouble. And, makes the people in our world think that we are selfish and don’t care about them. Luckily, I’ve created a system that makes it loads easier to be on time.
  • How To Bridge Transitions. Managing transitions is an important ADHD life skill. We encounter many transitions each day, and they’re an easy place to go off track. If you want to accomplish your tasks and priorities you need to learn how to master transitions.
  • Corralling Distractions. Need I say much about the cost of distractions? You’ve got ADHD, too. You know the struggle is real. In this module we face off with the most common distractions. Your phone, email, social media, and all the rest.

Are you an ADHD adult who’s ready to stop struggling? Consider the Success Club. Specialized ADHD skills training, coaching, and accountability. Plus, community.

No need to wait. Join anytime. When you sign up you get immediate access to this season’s library of training recordings. 25 modules in all, with more added each week.

Learn more and join the ADHD Success Club here:

I wish you a big, exciting April, too. 


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