Was I Ever Struggling with ADHD

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struggling with ADHDBefore I tell you what I learned from my my week of struggling with ADHD, I owe you a big thank you. Your heartwarming emails after last week’s newsletter helped me so much. Thank you for caring. Living with ADHD is not something to take on alone!

(Didn’t see last week’s newsletter? Take a look here: https://danarayburn.com/why-im-frustrated-by-my-adhd-symptoms/)

I’m relieved to report that my week of struggling with ADHD is past. I’ve stepped out of the fog and am back to getting things done.

This week I’m sharing what I realized about why I was so foggy and unmotivated. Might as well use my ADHD struggles to boost your awareness.

First, The Backstory

Here’s some background to give you context about what caused my week of struggling with ADHD.

My personal life has been anything but normal since the end of September.

Our Favorite Daughter (and only child) went off to college. Soon after, I spent weeks in California helping my parents pack up their house. It was past time for them to move from our childhood home, closer to my amazing siblings in Colorado. Heartbreak hit in January when my dear Dad passed away shortly after their move.

I’ll spare you the details, but for months my life has been a swirl of extra activity, emotions, and grief. I am blessed to have such wonderful clients and work I adore, not to mention the support of Scott and my family and friends.

The Connection to My Week of Struggling with ADHD?

Last week when I was struggling, my life had started adjusting to my new normal. I’ve wrapped up most of my duties with my parent’s move. Their old house is now ready to rent. I’m through the initial raw shock and grief of losing my Dad. Mom is getting back on her feet.

I went into the week happy to focus on work for the first time in months. Except, that’s exactly where struggling with ADHD began.

I didn’t have enough going on.

I’ve written about the ADHD brain’s need for stimulation before; how getting the right balance of stimulation is one of the secrets of ADHD productivity.

ADHD is a brain chemistry issue. It’s not laziness or a failure of will.

You can read more details about the ADHD brain’s need for stimulation here on the blog: https://danarayburn.com/cant-get-anything-done-adhd/

What was different last week and why did it take me so long to catch what was going on? I had lots to do, but for the first time in months, it was a manageable amount of work.

The source of last week’s struggle with ADHD? I realized I was finally able to feel the effects of our empty nest. The full brunt of Favorite Daughter leaving for college had been buried under the needs of my parents.

I’m missing my favorite stimulation; our daughter. The front door slamming when she gets home from school. Chats over bowls of popcorn and mind-numbing TV shows. The teenage drama and late-night conversations. Friends and activities. Yes, I even miss the dirty dishes in the sink and the smelly shoes in the living room. And, the messy bathroom. How did I not realize the beauty in a cluttered bathroom counter?

I need to compensate for the reduced stimulation of my new normal. Working more isn’t enough. I’m consciously weaving in more fun and connections.

In ADHD terms, without enough stimulation, motivation and productivity suffer. Without enough stimulation, you can expect to be struggling with ADHD.



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