Can’t Get Anything Done with ADHD?

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Can’t get anything done with ADHD? You must be lazy right?


When you have ADHD there are a few reasons you can’t get anything done. Usually, laziness isn’t one of them.

What’s the big reason ADD / ADHD adults can’t get anything done? Not understanding how important it is to balance brain stimulation.

Let me back up.

Brain stimulation is a very important ADHD topic. One you need to understand. It’s key to staying focused and productive.

ADHD is a brain chemistry issue. It’s not about laziness or a failure of will.

And, one of the central issues of ADHD brain chemistry is stimulation. When an ADHD brain isn’t stimulated enough, it can’t focus, get started, or get anything done. It’ll be hard to start a task or pay attention. You’ll get distracted. Bored. Unmotivated.

When an ADHD brain is too stimulated, you won’t be able to stay on task or pay attention. You might get overwhelmed, agitated, or scattered. You might get hyper-focused, too.

When You Can’t Get Anything Done with ADHD

This is why when you can’t get anything done, I want you to stop getting upset with yourself. Adjust your brain stimulation instead. When you do, you will find it much easier to stay focused and get things done.

This is one of the hardest ideas for my ADHD coaching clients to grasp. ADHD is about how your brain works. It’s not about your failure as a human being.

I recently taught the ADHD Success Club about this topic. You can read some tips about adjusting the ADHD Stimulation Lever on Maya’s report about the module.

Anyway, getting the right amount of brain stimulation is a balance. With ADHD, we usually teeter between having too much stimulation or too little.

When you balance your stimulation, you’re more apt to find calm focus and productivity.

Over and under stimulation feels different for each person with ADHD. That’s why I encourage you to identify your personal brain stimulation patterns. That way you can identify what’s going on in your very own brain.

Next time you can’t get anything done with ADHD, stop getting upset with yourself. Think about how to adjust your brain stimulation instead.


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  • Robin

    Thank you for writing this article. I needed some good advice as I’m going through this exact same issue . 🙂

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