Thoughts On Out of Control ADHD

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out of control ADHDIf you have out of control ADHD you have lots of problems. You miss appointments. You’re late. You miss deadlines. You forget things. You lose things. You miss social cues. You let down yourself and the people around you.

You get frustrated and sad. You get discouraged and scared.

Living with out of control ADHD is hard work.

I don’t struggle to that extreme anymore, but I used to. Most of the time I’m on track, and I know the things that pull me off.  

But, it wasn’t that many years ago that I was always late, missed deadlines, and all the rest. I had out of control ADHD.

Believe me, I’m still not perfect. Or, ever will be. Perfection isn’t realistic and it isn’t the goal.

How To Control ADHD

Well-controlled ADHD means most of the time you are able to do what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it. You keep your commitments to yourself and to other people.

To control your ADHD you must orchestrate your environment so you can succeed. You have to spend your days doing things you’re excited about. Focusing your energy on things you’re good at. Supply your active mind with interesting ideas and positive situations and connections.

To live easier with ADHD, you must surround yourself with supportive people. And, I don’t mean people who enable you and baby you. I mean people who are positive and help you be your best self. No one can rescue you from struggling with ADHD but you.

To shift ADHD from being a burden to a gift you have to have strong, protective boundaries. Yes, sometimes I realize I can seem rigid. But I know when I say yes to the wrong people or things I risk my ADHD running amuck. I know where my sand traps are.

To control your ADHD you must be aware of your actions. Notice when you stray and rely on trusted tools to get back on track. You don’t live in some dreamland thinking this time it will be different. You must be proactive.

My goal as an ADHD coach isn’t to make ADHD vanish. To help clients reach some unrealistic idea of perfection.

My mission as an ADHD coach is to help people stop the cycle of out of control ADHD. To build lives where ADHD is part of the person’s story but not a leading character.

My priority as an adult with ADHD is to construct my world so I can live a successful and satisfying life. Ignore my priority and I risk struggling with my own out of control ADHD and I can’t fulfill my mission.


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