Build Your ADHD Prioritizing Skills

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Last week, we talked about how to create a Priorities Guide. An essential tool I created to keep you focused and more able to reach your goals.

(Did you make your Priorities Guide like I recommended last week? Yay you! You’re off to a good start. Not sure what an ADHD Priority Guide is? Here’s last week’s blog post: ADHD Priorities: Your Guide to What’s Important.)

This week, let’s put your ADHD Priorities Guide into action.

Why is this important?

Because ADHD gets easier when your priorities are clear. You’ll be more agile. Able to pivot as your day evolves. If you want to get the right stuff done, you need to know how to prioritize and then how to use that guide to get things done.

You see, identifying your priorities and writing them down is only the first step. You won’t have glowing ADHD prioritizing skills until you use the amazing list you made. Ignoring the darn thing or putting it some place where you’ll never see it again doesn’t do the trick.

To be the master of your ADHD, you need to get serious about living your priorities.

My Priorities Guide saves me from focusing on the wrong thing many times a day. It’s like a magic fairy who zooms in and says, “No Dana, that’s not what you’re doing right now.” That awareness allows me to adjust and get back to what’s important.

For example, right now, I’ve done my brain care. My clients don’t need anything. Meg (my amazing assistant) needs me to work on this blog. My adored daughter is texting me about a NON-emergency. I’ve texted my daughter that I’ll get back to her after work. The blog is the priority.

See how that guides my actions? Ahhh…..CLARITY!

Building Your ADHD Prioritizing Skills

Let’s talk about how to use your Priorities Guide so it can help you stay the course each day as you’re bombarded with tasks, requests and distractions.

  • Review it. For your priority guide to work, you MUST look at it. Especially when you’re building your new prioritizing skills. Make a reminder to glance at your priorities first thing each morning. BEFORE you open the email. BEFORE you start putting out fires and responding to the priorities of other people. Once following your guide becomes second nature, you won’t have to review it very often. 
  • Use it. Here’s where your Priorities Guide becomes your new best friend. As requests and ideas zoom at you during the day, use Your Guide to decide where they fall in your priorities. If a task isn’t a high priority item, then schedule it for a later time. That doesn’t mean that you never do the thing. It does mean it doesn’t get done before the higher priority items. (Yes, you need to get good at scheduling your tasks and planning. A whole other topic you’d know all about if you were in the ADHD Success Club.)
  • Prioritize your brain. Make sure those important ADHD self care habits are high on your list. Ignoring them is easy and risky. You must take care of your brain for it to take care of you. What am I talking about? Sleep, exercise, and eating will take you far.
  • Accept reality. Building your ADHD prioritizing skills will take time and practice. Patience is NOT an ADHD virtue. You will forget to look at the list. You will still get distracted. But the more you work at strengthening your priority muscle, the easier it will get.

I have an idea! Make building your ADHD prioritizing skills a priority. It’s a giant step to reaching your goals and making ADHD easier. 

Need help? Look into private coaching or join my ADHD Success Club.


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