ADHD – Getting Organized in Small Steps

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adhd getting organizedIf you have ADHD getting organized can seem hopeless. No matter how hard you try to stay organized you don’t make any progress. Even if you clean stuff up the clutter reappears in a day or two.

Organizing with ADHD doesn’t have to be so hard. I speak from personal experience. I got organized more than twenty years ago and I’ve stayed that way. Once I was a serial slob. If I could get organized you can, too.

You’ll be more successful if you have a trick or two up you sleeve. That’s why today I’m share the idea of using a small step to help you get organized with Adult ADHD.

ADHD. Getting Organized in Small Steps

Here’s the idea. You pick one tiny task that will make your house or office tidier. And you do it every day.  

I’m not talking about a big organizing job. I want you pick something tiny. It’s gotta be easy and it has to be small. After you get used to doing one thing, you can add another.

I can hear you laughing now. If you have ADHD you know how hard it is to do something consistently. Believe me. I completely understand your challenge.

What’s your choice? You’ve gotta start somewhere, and it might as well be here. Otherwise, you will continue to live at the disorganized, impulsive whim of your ADHD.

The task must be tiny! If it’s too big it will become a huge chore and you won’t do it.

Here are some ideas to get you started organizing…

  • Put your toothbrush and toothpaste away after you use it
  • Squeeze out the sponge and put it at the edge of the kitchen sink
  • Hang up your bath towel after you get out of the shower
  • Put away the pens and pencils littering your desk

Do your small task daily for a few weeks until it becomes a habit. Then add another tiny task. If you don’t remember set a reminder on your phone.

Those small steps will add up even with ADHD. Getting organized won’t seem so hard. Imagine the difference in your life when you’re taking five small organizing steps every day.

To Your ADHD Success,

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PS – I’ve changed the schedule for the ADHD Success Club. It’s your chance to get help with all things ADHD. Getting organized, time management, and symptoms management, too.





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