A Quick ADHD Organizing Tip: Creating Homes

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You likely know that one of the ADHD organizing basics is to have a home for everything.

Often when I’m talking to my ADHD coaching clients about getting organized they know everything needs a home, but they don’t have a clue about how to decide where that home should be.

Here’s a quick ADHD organizing tip to help you pick the right homes for your stuff.

The first thing to think about when assigning an item’s home is where you use the thing. You want to keep things where you use them.

The trick for ADHD organizing?  Make it easier to put the thing away than to get it out.

You’ll usually get something out if you need to use it. But, if it’s too hard to put away you’ll probably just avoid the step and set the thing down somewhere instead. That’s when it becomes clutter!

To stay organized with ADHD you have to make it really easy for things to go home.

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