Ready to Clear ADHD Paper Clutter?

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ADHD paper clutterPaper clutter adds chaos everywhere!

Papers piled on your desk. Your kitchen counter. In your briefcase. Random papers in files and folders. Maybe even laying around in your car.

Yes, you need much of that paper. Your auto registration and insurance certificate must be in the car. You need your client files at work.

But, you probably don’t need all those piles!

Are you ready to clear ADHD paper clutter? First you need to be in on the big paper challenge.

Knowing what paper to keep and what to toss. So piles of paper don’t grow out of control. You may even wonder if you’re a hoarder!

Honestly, most people don’t get rid of paper because they’re afraid. It’s that old might need it someday fear. They’re afraid to toss things because they just don’t know what they’ll need.

Let’s tackle that.

Here’s How to Clear ADHD Paper Clutter

Here is a list of simple questions you can ask yourself to determine whether you need to keep a piece of paper or not:

  • How will I use this information? Can you honestly answer how you’ll use what’s on that paper? (“I might need it sometime” is not a good reason to keep anything.) Will you need it for filing your taxes or for any legal reason?
  • What is the worst possible thing that would happen if I didn’t have this piece of paper? Would you fail an IRS audit? Not collect your lottery winnings? If nothing dire would happen if you got rid of the piece of paper, get rid of it!
  • Is the information still current? Did the seminar or party already happen? Is it old news? The grocery ads from three weeks ago? Unless you’re an historian, get rid of it!
  • Can I get the information somewhere else? I started organizing people in the dark ages before the Internet. In those days we used elaborate file systems to store reference information. Thankfully we don’t have to do that anymore. With so much information a simple Google search away, you can get rid of most reference information.
  • Do I need to keep the whole thing?  If it’s something you really will use in a magazine or newspaper cut out just what you need and recycle the rest.

What if you still can’t decide which papers to keep? Then follow Dana’s Discard Dilemma Rules:

When in doubt….

  • Save legal and tax information.
  • Toss resource and out of date information.

When you use these questions they’ll take you a long way on your journey to clearing your ADHD paper clutter.

Where to start? Pick a small pile of paper from a cluttered area. Look at each piece of paper and ask the questions above. Before you know it your piles of ADHD paper clutter will be loads smaller!

Need More Help Tackling Paper Clutter?

Consider my Essential Home Filing System Blueprint.

home filing system blueprintA failing file system is a sure source of frustrating paper clutter. How can you put papers away when you can’t figure out where they belong?

Paper clutter makes life harder than it has to be. It increases stress and distracts you. Clutter melts your focus. It makes you feel bad about yourself. Disorganized files cause family feuds and frustration.

I’ve written the Essential Home Filing System Blueprint to be an easy guide to help you create a simple to use file system to help you get rid of annoying paper clutter. Click here to learn more.


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