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bad ADHD organizing adviceSometimes I come across bad ADHD organizing advice. Here’s a recent Tweet from someone claiming to be an ADHD guru: “It’s summer. Get organized with ADHD. Have a garage sale!” Excuse me? That is rotten ADHD organizing advice!

On the surface, holding a garage sale may seem like a strong strategy to get rid of ADHD clutter. You’d at least make some money from the extra stuff you’ve got piled up. A garage sale would give you a deadline. An exact time to push all your stuff into the front yard and make a small fortune.

Why Holding a Garage Sale is Bad ADHD Organizing Advice

Because garage sales are large projects that take planning, organization, focus, and follow-through. Last time I looked, those aren’t strengths for ADHD adults!

Think about it.

First, you have to decide what stuff you can part with and sell. That’s hard for many of us as it is. But, there’s more! Then,  you’ve got to price things, set up tables, hang signs, and get cash. All before you have to sit around all weekend working the sale. Multiple little steps like this befuddle the ADHD mind.

However, the garage sale isn’t the biggest problem for ADHD adults.

The big problem is AFTER the sale when you have to do something with all the stuff that didn’t sell. Of course, you say you’ll box up it all up and take it to the Goodwill. Will you really?

Here’s a more likely ADHD after the garage sale scenario….

You shove the stuff that didn’t sell back into the garage promising you’ll take it to Goodwill LATER. After all, you’re exhausted. You deserve a break!

When will later be? Who knows. It probably won’t be soon.

Your organizing problems have suddenly multiplied like rabbits. Your garage is even messier than when you started. You’ve added another major item to your to-do list. Lodged another sliver of guilt into your soul. You’ve another thing to fight about with your spouse.

This is why holding a garage sale is bad ADHD organizing advice.

Yes, clearing clutter is an important step for organizing ADHD. You do have to get rid of the extra stuff you’ve got hanging around. (My Organized for Life program will tell you how.)

But, do me a favor. Approach clearing clutter realistically. Avoid bad ADHD organizing advice. Don’t have a garage sale.

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  • Tom Dooley

    Dana- you’re right. There’s a lot of advice out there that make complicated tasks seem simple, and that can set us ADDers up for taking an unskillful approach. It’s important that you’re pointing out that we need to break tasks like this down into smaller, manageable tasks. Thanks.

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