Car Clutter Careening Out of Control?

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Wondering if it’s time to organize your car? Take this totally unscientific quiz to find out:

Does the clutter in your car show through the window above the edge of the door?

If you needed to drive your boss, mother-in-law, or a first date somewhere would you be embarrassed by the clutter in your car?

Could you dress and eat out of the back seat of your car for two days with no problem?

If you said yes to those three questions than it’s time to get organized. Your car clutter is careening out of control!

You’d be amazed at how often I talk to coaching clients about how to organize their cars. When you’re an ADHD coach nothing seems too trivial to discuss.

Why care if your car is disorganized?

If you’re like most folks in these modern days you drive a lot. Your car is the equivalent of your second home. That means multiple times a day when you look at the mess in your car it muddies your thinking, zaps your efficiency and reinforces the idea that you’re hopelessly disorganized. Also, your car is a very public reflection of you.

Once you’ve decided it’s time to organize your car what’s your next step?

Organizing your car follows the basic steps as other organizing projects. Clear the clutter, organize the stuff you need to keep, and create routines for keeping it organized.

Get rid of the obvious trash. The fast food bags, gum wrappers, dry pieces of bread and such. Collect all the loose change and put it in your wallet. Remember to look under the seats for stuff hiding under there!

Pull out the things that need to go in the house or office. Please put them away. I know you’re tempted to stash the pile of stuff by the back door. Don’t do it.

Now you get to do the fun part of organizing the things you’ve decided to keep in your car. Remember the basic organizing rules. Don’t know the basics of how to be organized? You’ll find them in my book, Organized for Life!

Create a simple system for keeping the car organized. Build those essential organizing-as-you-go habits. Make it easier to immediately throw away the trash instead of letting it accumulate. Create the routine of taking things in the house instead of leaving them in the car. Find easy way to store the stuff you do need to keep in your car.

I challenge you to keep your car organized for two weeks just to see if it improves your life. What do you say?


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