Easy Organizing Tip: Making Inexpensive Storage Containers

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Every once in a while I read a really quick and easy organizing tip and think, “Man, I wish I’d thought that up!”

That’s exactly what happened to me today.

Marissa, my favorite blogger from www.newdressaday.com shared this easy organizing tip for making inexpensive storage containers.

Now, if you’ve read my ebook, Organized for Life or any of the blogs I written as and ADHD coach about getting organized with ADHD, you know places like the Container Store hate me.

Here’s why.

Why I Rarely Recommend Dashing Out To Buy New Storage Containers

  • Storage ought to be the final step of any organizing project.Though to many people it’s the most alluring. After all, who wants to be home clearing clutter and sorting piles when they could be out shopping for cool storage?
  • Storage containers often have a short shelf-life.Organizing systems change. Those bins and boxes you bring home today might not be what you need a few months from now. So besides having wasted money you’ve created MORE clutter! Have you ever tried to get rid of storage containers you paid good money for? It’s hard to do.
  • Storage containers can be expensive. 

    Especially the pretty ones. And, you never need just one so the price adds up.

Try This Easy Organizing Tip for Creating Inexpensive Storage Containers

  1. Round up some shoe boxes – actually any box with a lid will do.
  2. Get yourself a can of colorful spray paint. Be Bold. Go bright and sassy.
  3. Now set out those newspapers in a well-ventilated space. Don’t get all ADHD and sloppy on me here. Do it right. Pick a place where the fumes won’t cause brain damage and you won’t get paint on anything that matters.
  4. Paint those shoe boxes and make yourself some bright and cheery, yet inexpensive storage containers.
  5. Let ’em dry and voila’! You’ve got storage for the price of a can of spray paint (and any new shoes you’ve had to buy so you’d have enough boxes…).
  6. Skip this step at your own peril: After you’ve moved into your new bins LABEL THEM. Your label doesn’t have to be fancy. Write on the box if you must. Just make sure it’s legible.

Getting organized with ADHD doesn’t have to be expensive or boring. Be creative and have some fun. And, if you have a quick and easy organizing tip of your own post a comment and let us all know. It’s nice to share

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