Ep. 44: Your Sleep Sucks. So Does Your ADHD

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Everyone knows you “should” get enough sleep. But with ADHD, it’s much more critical than that.

Think about this: even the brains of people who don’t have ADHD will exhibit ADHD-like symptoms when they don’t get enough sleep.

For those of us who have ADHD, our symptoms go through the roof when our sleep is bad.

The irony is that many of us struggle with sleep!

The challenges are numerous:

  • Bedtime procrastination
  • Brains won’t shut off
  • “Just one more _________” (episode, tweet, chapter, etc.)
  • We ingest stimulants!
  • But wait! There’s more….

One of the key takeaways from this episode: your sleep will not be perfect. Once again, we’re aiming at becoming more consistent, and we talk about precisely how!

And Dana explains how to make your sleep map. You need this! Learn what a sleep map can do for you and how to get yours right!

Don’t lose another night of sleep – click here to tune into Episode #44 of the Kick Sone ADHD podcast: Your Sleep Sucks. So Does Your ADHD.


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