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ADHD disorganizationADHD disorganization haunts most adults living with attention deficit. Clutter lurks on the surfaces. Hides in closets and corners. Neglected tasks discourage us. Strikes fear in our hearts.

What essential assignment lays buried in that pile of paper? What if someone drops by and sees the mess?

ADHD disorganization sparks many fears; many questions. Getting organized feels hopeless. How do you exorcise the clutter? The chaos?

How To Get Rid of ADHD Disorganization

Building structure is the foundation of attacking ADHD disorganization. Realistic, small, routine tasks designed to keep ADHD chaos at bay.

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Structure makes day-to-day living more effortless. Routine tasks are your first defense against chaos when life hits a bumpy patch.

Here’s an ADHD Success Story

Here’s how structure helped one of my clients, Claire, give ADHD disorganization the boot.

When Claire started coaching ADHD was ruining her life. Her small business was suffering. Her personal life was chaotic and cluttered. She was distracted, disorganized, and discouraged.

Claire also resisted structure. Perhaps more than anyone else I’ve ever worked with. She was afraid routines and planning would kill her creativity and spontaneity.

She trusted me, though. Hung in there and did the work.

Here we are eight months later, and Claire has found structure is her friend.

With the details of life handled Claire finds ADHD disorganization isn’t such a problem. In fact, she’s more creative, less stressed and much happier. Her business is doing better, too.

Claire says her routines, reminders, tricks, and tools give her life a solid framework. It isn’t always easy. Some days she backslides a tad. But, she’s never as disorganized as she was and she knows what to do to get back on track.

Please learn from Claire’s story. Structure is important for your work life and your personal life.

The right amount of the right structure provides consistency, motivation, and peace of mind. Sensible structures are a must for anyone haunted by ADHD disorganization.


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