Finishing Projects with ADHD

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Finishing Projects with ADHDThat stack of paperwork you never finished sorting. The mess left over from when you began reorganizing your office. The rollers and brushes and paint cans stacked in the corner of the half-painted room. This is the struggle we face – finishing projects with ADHD.

This is natural. Adult ADHD is about focus and attention. Our attention zooms to things that interest us. Often, yesterday’s project seems a colossal chore today and we leave it half-finished.

We get distracted. We get bored. Or we get overwhelmed.

We’re creative, idea driven people. We like to dream and plan more than we like to actually do.

It would be lovely if we could simply conjure up projects and have minions carry them out for us.

But we don’t have minions. And living successfully with ADHD means figuring out how to get things done. How to follow through on the projects we start.

3 Strategies to Increase The Odds of Finishing Projects with ADHD

Chunk Into Bigger Steps

There’s a lot of productivity and time management information floating around. You probably know the key to completing a big project is to break it down into chunks.  ADHD adults need to approach project planning with care. The trick is to not let the chunks get too small.

I recommend you list the big steps to finishing your project. Beware of listing the steps in too small details. Besides getting overwhelming, it can be a waste of time. With ADHD you won’t follow all those detailed planned small steps anyway. Either you’ll get creative and take a different route or a tight deadline will force fewer steps.

Deal with Distractions

The ADHD brain is always on the lookout for something more interesting than what it’s doing now. We’re often getting derailed by distractions.

Did you know you can reduce ADHD distractions without medication? Distractibility will soar if you don’t take good care of your brain. That’s why I teach my clients how to help their brains work better with natural ADHD treatments. Basic steps like diet, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness will help you fight distractions.  You can’t neglect brain care if you want to live more easily with adult ADHD.

Increase Focus

Keeping our ADHD brains stimulated and happy can help us stay focused and on task so our projects get finished. This isn’t incredibly hard to do. There are affordable tricks I’ve had amazing results with. 

My advice for finishing ADHD projects? Practice good ADHD self-care. Lay out the big steps you need. Turn on an audio and go for it!


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