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Good or bad, your ADHD habits determine how organized you are. Chaotic or calm; cluttered or organized. ADHD habits matter.

Make your bed every morning? That’s a habit. Don’t make your bed? That’s a habit, too.

The short form. Pay attention to your habits. Add awareness. Notice if your habits support you or undermine you.

Straying from your strong organizing habits is easy. That’s why your awareness is essential.

Recently, I temporarily lost one of my supportive ADHD habits. Awareness helped me find it again.

If you’ve read my story about getting organized, you know once upon a time I was an incredible slob. Yet even in my former disorganized days, I benefitted from one supportive habit. I always did the dishes.

Papers could clutter the counter. But, the dishes were washed and put away.

Where’d I get my good organizing habit? From my parents. Woe to the kid in my childhood home who left as much as a dirty milk glass in the sink. For some reason, this supportive habit stuck when I moved out on my own.

That is until recently.

Somehow my good dish washing habit morphed into a let the dishes soak all day habit.

It wasn’t until I noticed my new habit and how it wasn’t supporting the life I choose to have that I could do something about it.

I know why I’ve been piling up the breakfast and lunch dishes. Business is bustling. Private coaching clients, the ADHD Success Club, and everything between. It’s invigorating and fun.

It’s also been easy to convince myself I don’t have time to wash dishes. Stacking them in the sink and dashing back to my office.

Finally, my awareness kicked in. The messy kitchen drains my energy and erodes my self-esteem. Yikes! Leaving dirty dishes has become a new bad ADHD habit.

I’m ditching this bad habit of soaking the dishes. From this moment on I will wash the dishes after each meal.

How will I remember my new good habit? I find my Visualize Neat technique miraculous for building new ADHD organizing habits like this.

Don’t lose your battle with disorganization. Good or bad, your ADHD habits matter. Pay attention. Support the life you want to have.

To Your ADHD Success,


PS – Visualized Neat is one of the useful tools organizing you’ll learn in my Organized for Life program.

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