Getting Organized with ADHD – Don’t Buy Those Bins!

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storage binIt’s January. The time of year when getting organized with ADHD rises to the top of many to do lists.

It’s also the time of year rampant with advertisements for storage bins.

Pay close attention. Heed my advice. Don’t cave to your ADHD impulses. Whatever you do don’t buy those storage bins!

No matter what those advertisers say, not having enough storage isn’t the problem.

The problem in getting organized with ADHD is too much clutter.

If you’re like me you’re looking at a chaos of Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and gifts. A muddle of stuff that needs to be put somewhere.

It is so easy to think not having enough storage is the problem.

Your first step is to get rid of the extra stuff – the clutter. The decorations you no longer like, the old clothes, the tattered gift bags, the useless gifts you received. The things you don’t like, need or use.

The real storage place for much of the stuff is in the ‘give to charity’ bag, the recycling bin or the garbage can.

Once you’ve paired down the clutter until, well, it’s no longer clutter but useful, welcome possessions, THEN you go out and buy storage bins.

If you’re looking for a fresh start in getting organized with ADHD in 2013 take a look at my ebook, Organized for Life. It’s more than an ebook actually. It’s a step-by-step organizing program that will take you from clutter to clear and teach you how to keep things that way.



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