How to Keep a Car Organized with Adult ADHD

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keep a car organizedIf you are an adult with ADHD, I’m willing to wager that the inside of your car is a disorganized mess.

To keep a car organized takes habits, awareness and attention skills adults with Attention Deficit lack.

My car used to be a cluttered mess, too. Even though my house is now clutter-free and organized, my car wasn’t. In fact, it looked more like a trash can on wheels.

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All the stuff of my busy, distracted, ADHD life would collect on my car’s seats and floor. You can imagine the clutter of books, snacks, clothes, mail, water bottles, sports gear, receipts, etc.

The disorganized mess made life so complicated. I lost things and carted unmanageable armfuls of stuff from the car to the house and back again.

No way could passengers ride with me until I shoveled out the seats. Kind of embarrassing for an ADHD coach who specializes in helping people get organized!

Finally, I Figured Out How to Keep a Car Organized

Relief finally arrived when I came up with a nifty little ADHD-friendly solution to my problem of how to keep my car organized.

I’ve created a car basket. It’s a sturdy, pretty basket with a handle that fits nicely on the floor of my car. The car basket goes with me from the house to the car and back again.

When in the house, the car basket rests patiently by the door to the garage collecting all the stuff we need to take to school or on errands. It has to be visible or in my adult ADHD style, I’ll forget to take it. I grab it when leaving the house so we’ll have everything we need with us.

When in the car, all I have to remember is to toss everything we collect along the way into the car basket.

When we get home I simply carry the basket into the house where I can take a minute to toss what we don’t need and put the other stuff away. Yes, this takes focus, but it’s a make or break step if the car basket will work for you.

So if the clutter in your car is making you crazy, test-drive a car basket. You can keep a car organized. Even if you have Adult ADHD.

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  1. Laura Rolands

    Dana – this is a wonderful idea – thanks for sharing it!


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