My Love / Hate Relationship with ADHD and Travel

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Tomorrow morning we’re heading out on our summer vacation. We’re taking a road trip to the San Juan Islands and Seattle. ADHD and travel. Whew!

Life is busier than normal. At the office, I’ve got a full slate of ADHD coaching client calls plus I’m wrapping up work projects (like sending you ADD Success). On the home front I’m tending to my share of all the trip details that need to get done.

Adult ADHD gives me a love / hate relationship with the day before a vacation.

I hate that there’s so much to do. Packing, errands, getting the house and yard ready for the house sitters. Plus, that last load of laundry. The length of the list is overwhelming.

What do I love about the day before leaving for vacation? I love the way my ADHD brain works. Thanks to that looming deadline, I’m focused and blazing through tasks in a quick, very un-Dana like matter.

I’m on fire and loving it.

No hesitation. No procrastination. Something needs to be done? Bam! I’m on it. Need to write an issue of ADHD Success? Bam! It’s done.

Are you going on vacation this year? Last year I wrote a bunch of ADD Success blog posts on Traveling with ADHD. Perhaps you’ll find them useful.



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