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Frustrated by My ADHD SymptomsIn the ADHD Success Club, we are about to get knee-deep in learning how to be organized with ADHD. 

Notice, the word BE. That BE is important.

You see, most people say, “I want to get organized.” You’ve probably gotten organized before. Likely, many times. Only to have the clutter and chaos of disorganization quickly return.

My aim is that you learn how to BE organized with ADHD. So you can stay organized. It’s a subtle, yet important difference. We want to veer away from ADHD’s tendency to get organized one time only to have the clutter return again.

How do you learn how to stay organized if you have ADHD? 

There is a magic trick. 

You have to approach getting organized differently than non-ADHD people do.

You have to get organized in ways that work for the way you think and act. To set up your organizing systems to match YOUR reality.

And, that means you need to make it as easy as possible for you to stay organized. So it’s just as easy to put stuff away as it is to toss it on the floor or chair.

A Trick for Making Organizing ADHD Easier

One basic ADHD organizing idea you can use is what I call being Motion-Minded.

Motion-Minded is an idea I used in my days as a corporate systems analyst. When one of my jobs was working with departments to help employees work more efficiently.

One of the ways to boost corporate efficiency is to reduce the number of steps, or motions, to complete a task. When systems change so an employee can handle a task in 3 motions instead of 6, they save time. More work gets done more quickly. Which makes corporations happy.

Makes sense?

While I was boosting efficiency at work, I was in the middle of my own personal organizing project. And, I realized that the idea of being Motion-Minded worked for me and my home to be organized, too.

This was years before I’d heard of ADHD. In the days I was fed up with the shame, chaos, and clutter of MY disorganized life. Determined to change, I learned everything I could about how I could become organized.

(You can learn more about my journey and how I got organized in my book, Organized for Life!)

To Be Organized with ADHD…

You can’t ignore this reality of living with ADHD. If we want to stay organized, we need to make it as easy as possible to put things away. To finish a task. 

If something is too hard to do we’ll resist. We’ll procrastinate. And, procrastination leads to clutter.

So, think about the things you use often that get left out.

  • How many motions does it take to put them away?
  • What can you do to reduce the motions?
  • How can you make it almost as easy to put something away as it is to leave it out?

The easier it is to put your stuff away, the more likely it is you’ll do it. 

Become Motion Minded. This is one of the secrets to being organized with ADHD.

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