My Secret for Staying Organized with ADHD

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People often ask me my secret for staying organized with ADHD.

It’s really no secret. I use reminders and follow the organizing routines and steps I share here on the ADD Success blog and in my Organized for Life ebook.

Just like my ADHD Coaching clients and most ADHD Adults, I am consistently inconsistent. Sometimes I ignore my reminders. Sometimes my routines fall by the wayside. (You can read more about being consistently inconsistent in my last blog post on 5 Reasons ADHD Adults Can’t Stay Organized.)

What Really Motivates Me to Stay Organized?

Having company. That’s my secret for staying organized with ADHD.

There’s nothing like houseguests stepping off an airplane or my book group arriving to eat and chat about our latest book to encourage me to clear clutter and up my organizing game a bit.

Houseguests staying a few days motivate us the most. Though our home is normally pretty well organized that occasional, motivating kick in the pants gets my family doing those chores we tend to neglect. Chores like washing the windows and wiping out the fridge.

My parents flew in for their annual visit on Sunday. Before they arrived we tidied and clutter cleared a little bit more than usual.

Getting ready for houseguests is a lot easier than it was before I’d learned to be organized in the early days of my marriage. Back then even having a dinner party meant a stress filled flurry of cleaning and hiding clutter.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to outsmart being consistently inconsistent. I’m also grateful my mom and dad’s flight arrived in the evening.

We had most of the weekend to spruce up the old homestead and make a run to The Goodwill.


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