Do You Need an ADHD Community?

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have an ADHD communityLiving with ADHD can be lonely. Since we act and think differently than other people, we often can feel like we don’t fit in. That’s why having a supportive ADHD community is vital.

I remember from an early age wondering why I was different than the other kids. A tad quirky. Yes, I had good friends. Yet, I was always the ‘weird’ one who marched to a different drummer.

It wasn’t until college that I made my first friend who was as delightfully quirky as I was. And, it felt like coming home. I was finally accepted exactly as I was.

I’d never heard of ADHD back then. That didn’t come until years later. But, since then, I always seem to have a friend or two who marches to a different drummer, too.

I love all my friends, but my friends with ADHD are my heart. They accept me as I am; every impulsive, irreverent inch of me.

I’ve discovered that life is easier with a supportive ADHD group. Others with creative, scattered brains who understand me.

My ADHD friends don’t get offended when I forget to call or send a birthday card. They know I think about them often, and that sometimes, the thinking doesn’t lead to action.

My ADHD friends are comfy with conversations that zip from topic to topic. Their minds move as fast as mine does.

My ADHD community expands much further than my circle of friends. As an ADHD coach, my life is one big, built-in ADHD community. It’s a lovely way to live.

How To Find An ADHD Community

Does your world lack people who understand you? Consider joining a ADHD group.  ADDA has support groups for adults. Also, some coaches offer group coaching. If it’s set up right, a group provides a built-in ADHD community.

Many find that the magical power of community radiates in my ADHD Success Club. Our conversations are judgement-free zones of honesty. We can laugh and cry at our ADHD adventures without one snide remark.

Members learn the strategies of the others in the Success Club, as well. The community helps us not feel quite as solitary with our ADHD struggles.

Think about it. Do you enjoy the support of an ADHD community? If not, what will you do about it? Remember, living with ADHD doesn’t have to be so hard!

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