Organizing ADHD – A Peek At Some Fan Mail

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Organizing ADHD can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. The trick is knowing how to go about clearing your clutter and organizing your stuff in a way that suits your ADHD brain.

My passion is helping ADHD adults live more calm, stress-free lives. Along with ADHD coaching one of the ways I live my passion is by sharing what I’ve learned about organizing ADHD.

That’s why I wrote my ebook, Organized for Life – Your Ultimate Step by Step Guide For Getting Your Organized so You Stay Organized.

I’m very proud of Organized for Life. I worked hard writing it and it helps hundreds of people each year get organized with ADHD.

I get a really big grin on my face, however, when I hear from readers just how much my unique system of organizing ADHD has turned their lives around.

That’s why I wanted to share an email I got from, Fiona, a woman who recently purchased Organized for Life.

Dear Dana

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful organizing book. I downloaded it last week and I cannot believe the difference it has made to my life already.


Like many ADD people I am quite good at getting myself organized but had no idea how to stay organized and my home office in particular would descend into chaos very quickly.


Your suggestion of spending 15 minutes a day on different areas was brilliant. I guess stuff like that is obvious to a lot of people but it had never occurred to me to incorporate a structured ‘maintenance’ time into my organizational efforts. I have spent the last few days on my office and it looks and functions very well now and I don’t have to panic that it will get messy again.


I also really loved your idea of having more than one repository for items such as glasses and mobile phones. I cannot tell you how much time I have wasted wandering through the house looking for my glasses in particular. I even had five pairs of prescription glasses at one time in the hope that I would always be able to find a pair easily (didn’t work).


Anyway, thanks again. I am feeling a lot less worried about coping with ADHD and I do like your positive spin on it generally.


Kind regards


You don’t need to struggle along. Don’t let your challenges with organizing ADHD keep you from living the life you want to have.





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