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ADHD Success Club

We love questions here at the ADHD Success World Headquarters (aka my basement office). 

Here are the questions we get asked the most about the ADHD Success Club:

What the heck is the ADHD Success Club? 

It’s a group ADHD life skills training program. Like a live, interactive, podcast each week (all by phone; no exhausting Zoom calls!) Accountability group (okay, the Accountability is by Zoom. Seeing your ADHD Success Community rocks.). The Success Club is rich with essential ADHD organizing, time, and symptoms management training. 

How long is the Program?

The Success Club is a deep dive into reducing your ADHD challenges. We start September 13 and end in July (calls are on Tuesdays at 3-4:30pm Pacific OR Thursdays 10:30am-12pm Pacific). It runs for 41 weeks. We take about four weeks off for holidays and vacations during the year.   

How does the ADHD Success Club meet?

The weekly trainings are an interactive audio program (no slides or videos). Connect with the meetings two ways via phone or computer. Whichever you find easiest. The monthly Accountability Check-ins are via Zoom. 

Does the Success Club work?

Yes, it does. Most members report great results. They are more organized. Managing their time better. Reducing ADHD’s power over their life. We’re starting our 7th season with many repeat members so they can keep practicing the tools with support, which says a lot. 

Should I join even if I can’t make it to the live calls?

Yes. If you can’t make all the live calls: listen to the recording you get after each call. And then join us in the private Facebook Group where we will be adding additional information and support every week. 

I’m not a business person, is the ADHD Success Club for me?

YES! The Success Club is designed to help you succeed in life! Who’s signed up before? Women and men. Business professionals and owners. Working parents. Empty-nesters and stay-at-home parents. Retirees. 

The only requirement is for you to be an adult with ADHD (or ADHD-like symptoms) determined to build an easier ADHD life.  

I’m nervous about the group bit. 

Don’t be. It’s a great group. Open. Honest. Willing to change. Accepting of ADHD quirks. We laugh. We cry. We support each other through life’s ups and downs. You only have to talk if you want to. You can sit as quiet as a mouse and no one but me will know you’re on the call. 

What will I learn?

With 41 training modules, the list is too long to put here. Click here for a full list of what you’ll learn. Scroll down the page a bit and you’ll see the Curriculum. 

What if I join the ADHD Success Club and I find that it’s not for me?

Try it for a month or two. You can stop your Success Club membership at any time (no refunds, though). Simply email us and let us know and we will cancel your membership immediately. The last thing I want for you is more frustration!

What I do want for you is an easier life with ADHD. 

Be honest with yourself. Can you do that on your own or does it make sense to get help from an expert? There isn’t a more complete, supportive, and affordable program out there to help you make ADHD easier to live with.

Stop burying your creativity and energy under a pile of clutter and unfinished tasks.

Need more information? Click here for all the details about the ADHD Success Club.


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