The Joys of Living Clutter-Free

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Organizing ADHD | 2 comments

Let’s talk about a life-changing benefit of living clutter-free if you have ADHD. A deep reason to get organized. One you only find when you learn how to deal with the disorganization and clutter.

Some of the benefits of living a clutter-free ADHD life are obvious.

You get more done. Without the clutter you set the stage to be more productive. It makes sense when you think about it. Think of all the time you waste searching for stuff.

You focus better. Focusing is easier when you’re not constantly distracted by piles and stuff.

You’re more relaxed. One huge benefit is being more relaxed about letting others see your home or office. Avoiding that underlying terror of a knock on the door.

Hard tasks become easier. When you know where things are, you can sit right down and get the task done. One example is your taxes. [TIP: Start now putting all those W2s and forms in one place. So you’ll easily find them when it’s time to do your taxes.]

You have time to do what you love. Yup, you can watch another episode of your favorite show. Sleep in a bit later. Sit and enjoy your coffee in the morning…all without guilt because you now have the extra time.

Don’t get me wrong. Those all are important ADHD organizing benefits. Yet I’ve experienced even deeper joys from learning to live clutter-free with ADHD.

(Remember, I’ve been there, too. So overwhelmed and stressed by the mess that I couldn’t think.)

The Joys of Living Clutter-Free with ADHD

One reason I became an ADHD coach is to spread the joy. Becoming organized was one of the best gifts I’ve given myself and my family.

Become more confident. Becoming organized helped me build confidence in myself. Changing those ingrained habits was hard work. In fact, it took me two years. Getting out from under the persistent clutter in my life gave me the confidence to know that I can do hard things. I didn’t have to be a victim to life’s circumstances.

Experience greater inner peace. This is my biggest joy in living clutter-free. I have a sense of happiness that I didn’t have before. I’m more patient and tolerant. Free from the stress and worry that clutter brings. To me this is what it’s all about.

The joys of living clutter-free with ADHD are many. So what’s keeping you from learning an easier, more peaceful way to live?

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  1. Timothy

    Happen to stumble upon your blog while searching Google. Great article and I believe what you said, that a cleaner environment without clutter is just more peaceful and allows you to be more productive. It’s hard to have peace inside when there is chaos outside. Keep up the great work!

    • Dana Rayburn

      Thank you!


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