Traveling and ADHD: Packing Tips to Ignore if You have Adult ADHD

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Traveling and ADHD

While preparing this series of blog posts on traveling and ADHD, I did lots of Internet research.  You’ll find my favorite ADHD packing tips in my blog post Favorite Packing Tips for ADHD Adults.

But, I also came across a couple of ideas for packing your suitcase you’d do best to avoid.

Even though these packing tips weren’t written specifically for people traveling with ADHD they sounded like great ideas. So great in fact, on my last trip (ah, Palm Desert was heavenly, thanks for asking…) I gave these ideas a test drive.

While these tips were efficient for packing my suitcase, they simply weren’t functional for traveling. I found it hard to find anything in my suitcase which lead to a messy jumble of clothes.

The first packing tip to ignore if you have Adult ADHD is the suggestion for folding clothes over each other in your suitcase to keep them wrinkle free. YouTube is full of demo videos on how to pack like this.

I tried it only to find I had to unravel everything in my suitcase to get out a single article of clothing. It wasn’t a user-friendly packing tip, much less Attention Deficit friendly.

Yes, my pants and shirts did have fewer wrinkles, at least until I had to dig through everything just to get to what I wanted. In the end my clothes were more wrinkled than ever!

The second packing tip to ignore if you have Adult ADHD is the one suggesting you stuff your underwear and socks into the shoes you’re packing in your suitcase.

Like the first tip it resulted in a disorganized mess. Before I could wear a pair of shoes I had to remove the socks or underwear stuffed inside. Naturally, leaving them scattered about. Fortunately I didn’t lose any. At least that I know of…

Okay, I admit I was living out of my suitcase during most of my test trip. These packing tips probably would have been fine if I was unpacking completely at my destination.

But, this is ADDLand. How many ADHD adults are going to unpack their clothes and put them in drawers on vacation? Many of us don’t even do that at home!

Traveling and ADHD can be challenging enough. That’s why I wanted to warn you about these packing tips to ignore if you have Adult ADHD.


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