What I Know About ADHD Medications

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ADHD medication

I am an ADHD Coach. I am not a psychiatrist or a doctor (nor do I play either of these on TV).

My job is to help you learn tools so you live more easily with ADHD. 

But since many of my clients do take ADHD medication, or are considering it, I do make sure I am on top of the best ways to incorporate medication for your ADHD into your personal self-care regimen. 

Here’s what I know about ADHD Medication…

  • Attention Deficit is a real medical condition. ADHD is caused by basic chemistry; not by poor parenting or lack of willpower. People with ADHD don’t have sufficient neurotransmitters available to their brain to be able to pay attention, get organized, and follow through enough to succeed in today’s world.
  • Scientific research shows ADHD medication is the fastest, surefire way to provide enough of the missing neurotransmitters to the brain to control ADHD symptoms. Self-care, diet, exercise, supplements, and sleep do help but are much slower to take effect.
  • ADHD medication doesn’t work for everybody. But if you have the right diagnosis and take the right medication in the right way, it can make the difference between bashing your way through life or living successfully with ADHD. I remember thinking, “Oh my God – this is what it’s like to have a brain,” the first time I took a dose of Adderall.
  • It’s not easy to find a doctor who understands how to correctly prescribe ADHD medication. This is one of my top frustrations as an ADHD coach. There is a lot of misinformation out there. I believe doctors are doing the best they know how for their patients but it seems many aren’t working with the latest ADHD science.

As an adult ADHD coach, I often find myself on the frontline of helping my clients treat their ADHD. 

No, I do not diagnose Attention Deficit Disorder, nor do I prescribe ADHD medication. But I do talk to my clients a lot more often than their doctors do. So, I often can pick up signs when their medications aren’t working as expected. 

Plus, I help my clients understand how to get the most from their meds and when they need to talk to their doctor.

And I know that ADHD medication is on people’s minds. Every month, when I get my Google Analytics search results, my blogs on medication are always the most searched topics. Always.

So over the next few weeks, we are going to focus on ADHD medication as one of the tools to help you live more easily with ADHD. Stay tuned…


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