Why Practical Organizing is Essential

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practical organizingIt’s really quite simple. Practical organizing is essential. Especially if you have ADHD.

If you don’t find practical ways to get organized with ADHD…

… you won’t be able to stay organized. 


No how.

No way.

Without knowing how to stay organized… EVERY attempt you make at organizing and clearing clutter is useless.


I don’t mean to bum you out.

But you need to know the truth.

If you want to stay organized, you’ve got to learn practical ways to get organized that work for how you think.

If you don’t – you might as well learn to love the clutter, stress and negative comments.

Because you will never stay organized.


You’ll keep getting organized again and again only to have the clutter return.

Now, here’s the good news.

Finding practical organizing techniques that work for ADHD adults is not as complicated as you think. In fact, if you have any sense of awareness and just a few extra minutes a day…I can show you how.

I’ve written a bookOrganized For Life! It’s the next best thing to hiring me to coach you on how to get rid of the piles of stuff and that nagging feeling that your life is out of control. If you’re serious about getting organized you might want to check out Organized for Life!

Here’s what you’ll learn in Organized For Life

  • My practical step-by-step approach for getting organized. It’s the same one I use for my clients and very similar to how I learned to get organized.
  • The Secret Habits of Organized People. Essentially why some people you know can stay organized, why you can’t and what to do about it.
  • How to work with your family on getting organized and what to do when their clutter and attitudes block your progress.
  • Simple questions in an easy workbook style to help you figure out the best way for you to be organized.

Plus, you’ll develop these organizing skills:

  • How to create useful homes for your stuff.
  • The essential Clutter Bashing Tools.
  • The 5 questions to ask if you can’t decide if you should keep something or get rid of it.
  • Practical ways to use lists and reminders.
  • How to change your habits and set up bite sized daily organizing routines.
  • My secret recipe for how to transform yourself into an organized person.

Click here to Get Organized for Life!

Don’t waste your time pushing clutter around or trying organizing techniques you won’t stick with. It would be my honor to help you learn to clear clutter and create easy habits and routines to help you get organized so you stay organized once and for all.

The result of learning practical organizing techniques? A calmer, more nurturing home or office that will be the strong foundation of a productive, successful ADHD life.



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