2DO – An ADHD Time Management App Review

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2Do - An ADHD Time Management App

ADHD Time Management App

Many task management apps are available to help ease the challenges of ADHD time management. In fact, if you have Adult Attention Deficit picking a time management app that’s right for you can be downright overwhelming. There are just so many choices.

Finding the right ADHD time management app is a very personal decision. You’ll only use an app that feels right. That doesn’t confuse you or add clutter to your thinking.

Your go-to time management app needs to sync with how your brain works. After all, shouldn’t it do a better job helping you capture, organize and remember your tasks than a piece of paper?

2Do – An ADHD Time Management App

One powerful app for ADHD time management is 2Do, a task manager that works on the iPhone, Android and syncs to iCloud, dropbox and your desk top, too.

There’s lots to like about 2Do. It’s incredibly flexible. You can use it to manage simple reminders and checklists as well as much larger projects. 2do also lets you organize tasks by color – a necessary feature for an ADHD time management app.

2Do avoids confusion by using a clear tab system along the left-hand side of the app. The tabs allow you to create and color-code lists to organize your tasks by context (home, office, errands, ideas) or by project.

Each task in your 2Do list is sortable by a number of criteria. You can easily set priorities, due dates, notes, audio notes, alarms and reminders. You can also add actions to your tasks that link to your contacts and let you call, email or text directly from the app.

Keeping track of your tasks is simple. A mere touch jumps you from looking at your day’s tasks, to all your tasks, or to just one list such as your errands.

An important ADHD-friendly 2Do feature is how easily you can defer to a later date those tasks you simply didn’t finish.

I’ve been happily using 2Do to manage tasks on my iPhone for a number of months now. In fact, it’s become one of my favorite ADHD time management apps. The only challenge I have when I add tasks too quickly. If you don’t assign a due date a task can get lost by falling to the very bottom of the to do lists.

If 2Do seems like a good ADHD Time Management app for you I suggest you start with the free 2Do Lite. It limits the number of lists and tasks, doesn’t sync or have alarms but is a great way to test drive the app to see if you like it. For a small fee the premium version of 2Do comes with all the bells and whistles including those necessary ADHD reminders.


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