8 Signs that Indicate You May Need an ADHD Coach

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ADHD life coach

So now that you know what ADHD coaching is and does…the question you are probably asking is – how can ADHD coaching help me

Simple — By giving you actionable, achievable steps in every area of your life. 

From the science of nutrition on an ADHD brain…

…to task lists

…to building the ability to focus

…to tackling clutter

…to email systems

…to avoiding procrastination

…to the wonderful world of timers

…to how to organize meetings

…to so much more! 

My job as an ADHD life coach is to teach you how to be a master of your ADHD. 

From understanding what ADHD is to teaching you management skills. ADHD coaching is a targeted approach to helping your life run more smoothly.

Now…are you wondering if you could benefit from ADHD coaching? 

Let’s take a look at some signs that show you might want to consider adding an ADHD coach to your “Live Successfully with ADHD Team.”

Eight Signs that Indicate You May Need an ADHD Coach:

  1. You’re feeling persistently overwhelmed in your day-to-day life.
  1. You don’t know what task to focus your attention on first. You feel scattered and lost at home and/or at work. 
  1. You keep missing your goals or perhaps don’t have any meaningful goals. 
  1. Your professional and personal life are unbalanced and you’re working way too much.
  1. Or alternatively, you feel like you don’t work enough. Your days drift pass with little accomplished.  
  1. You know your ADHD is blocking your success but aren’t sure what to do.
  1. You’re stepping into a new role and want to hit it with the best you can be. You need better skills like “how to delegate” and “how to lead meetings”.
  1. You need a safe place where you can admit your struggles with a person who understands ADHD and won’t harshly judge or criticize you. 

Even if you only said yes to one or two, an ADHD coach may be the solution you’re looking for.

There is a catch, though.

You see, an ADHD life coach can’t magically make you more organized. We can guide you, teach you, and help you. 

What we can do is limited by what you will do. 

Will you show up to every call? Will you be aware and present? Will you take what we discuss and put it into practice? 

Just like an athletic coach can’t make you practice, we can’t make you put in the work necessary to see transformation. Only you can do that part. 

Two Ways to Be ADHD Coached

So how does it all work exactly?

Well there are multiple ways to be coached, but my two favorites are group and one-to-one coaching.

One example of group coaching is my ADHD Success Club. You learn skills to help you succeed with ADHD in a weekly call where others join in. Topics include, time and task management, prioritizing, organization, clutter, symptom management, treatment strategies and more.

There is incredible power in the group setting especially when it comes to problem solving, sharing and feeling less alone. You learn from the ADHD coach (me!) leading the trainings and also from the experiences of others. 

The other form of coaching is one-to-one which is ideal for those who want more in depth coaching allowing them to get specific on their personal needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about working with an ADHD coach, email me and let me know. We can jump on a call to see if working together makes sense!


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