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ADHD Organization ToolsA major roadblock in the path to ADHD success is being unaware. Lack of awareness causes all kinds of trouble for adults with ADHD – especially unchecked clutter and chaos. I’m happy to tell you that a few of my favorite ADHD organization tools help build awareness. And that helps ADHD adults bring organization and increase productivity into their lives.

Today I want to start you on the path to awareness by telling you about one of my favorite ADHD organization tools. But, first, some background.

When I start working with a new ADHD coaching client, building awareness is one of the first ADHD organization tools I weave into their new cloak of ADHD success.

ADHD Adults Need to Build Awareness of:

  • What they are doing vs. what they want to be doing.
  • How their brain is functioning.
  • The disorganization muddling their lives.

I teach the nuts and bolts of increasing awareness in my Organized for Life program. If you’ve got the book, take a look under Step One, Setting Yourself up for Success. It’s all in the section about Retraining Your Brain.

Of course, we cover every detail of how to build ADHD awareness in my group ADHD coaching program, the ADHD Success Club, too.

Today I’m going to share with you a quick and easy ADHD organizing tool I learned after I wrote Organized for Life. You can be sure it’ll be in the next edition! Use this technique to boost your awareness and get organized more easily in small steps.

The Spyglass: A Quick and Easy ADHD Organizing Tool

Here’s what you do.

  1. Make a spyglass in front of one of your eyes with your hands as if you were the captain of a ship. (The professional organizer I learned this trick from suggested using an empty toilet paper roll, but that’s not very practical for people with attention deficit. First, you’d have to find an empty toilet paper roll and then remember to put it away when you’re done. How likely is that to happen? Let’s keep things easy. Simply use your hands to make the spyglass.
  2. Pick a room you’d like to have better organized and stand in the middle of it.
  3. Close your eyes and turn around. Now open your eyes and look through your spyglass.
  4. Ahoy Matey! Do you spot a small area through your spyglass to organize? That’s because when you focus on one area your awareness heightens and you can really see the clutter!
  5. Immediately dash over to the spot you just spied through your spyglass and tidy it up. Don’t wait. Do it NOW!

Use the spyglass organizing technique a few times a day to increase your awareness of the disorganization and clutter. Boosting your productivity and controlling clutter is simple with just a few ADHD organization tools. I hope using these small steps will make a huge difference in your life.

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