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treat your adhdHow can it be that we’re already marching into March? Seems like only yesterday we were procrastinating over the holidays!

No matter the month, there’s no time like the present to start improving life with ADHD. That’s why you need to know what’s coming up in the ADHD Success Club. My amazing, group ADHD program. 

Upcoming Classes

We’re wrapping up our Unit on clutter clearing with a class on Stopping Clutter at the Source. After all, getting rid of the clutter clogging your office and home is only half the battle. You’ve gotta stop bringing in new clutter, too!

(I’ve been clearing clutter along with the Success Club members. Imagine my glee when I discovered $55 in my desk drawer last week! It had slipped under the pencil tray, and I’d completely forgotten about it! Yay! Fun money!!)

After that, we’re taking a short break from organizing to dip our toes into the topic of ADHD and Exercise. I’ll teach sneaky ways to get the exercise ADHD adults need in order to boost focus and productivity.

Next up paper.

Did someone say PAPER? Yes! I said paper. It’s time for the Success Club Unit on Paper Mastery. I’ll teach the gang easier ways to clear paper clutter. How to set up an efficient desk and work area. Get those scraps of paper off your desk. And, of course, how to create an ADHD-friendly file system.

Accountability Anyone?

One of the things I’ve pondered over the years is how to add more accountability to the Success Club. Great training and coaching aren’t enough. ADHD adults need accountability. Desperately, in fact.

Yippee! I’ve broken the code. Gold Success Club Members now get weekly Accountability Check-ins to boost their progress.

Struggling with ADHD?

You don’t have to. The ADHD Success Club is there to help.

New members are always welcome. No need to wait. You’ll settle into a foundation of training, coaching, accountability, and community.

No long-term commitment. Try the ADHD Success Club for a month or two. Canceling your membership is easy if it’s not right for you.

You won’t miss a thing. When you sign up, you get immediate access to our recordings library of all 21 classes we’ve had so far this year.

Everything you need to start living easier with ADHD is just a click away


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