Is Acting ADHD Really So Bad?

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acting adhdMy Favorite Husband has a saying he uses when I’m being scattered or impulsive. He gently puts his hand on my shoulder and calmly says, “Dana, you’re acting ADHD right now.”

For years, after hearing his observation I’ve paused and adjusted my behavior accordingly. After all, who want’s to be that annoying ADHD person?!?

Until this morning when I had a “light-bulb” moment while brewing up some coffee. (I mean one of those delightful flashes of clarity.)

The light-bulb? It finally dawned on me that Acting ADHD isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Of course, Acting ADHD can mean that I’m being impulsive or too intense or too honest or overly-sensitive or spacey or overwhelmed. Or a combo of any of those. All pieces of living with my type of inattentive ADHD.

But, Acting ADHD can also mean that I’m being creative, funny, energetic, inspired, spontaneous, innovative, and intuitive.

Now I’m wondering about this whole idea.

How in the world did Acting ADHD become considered only a bad thing?

We definitely need a new Public Relations campaign!

I hear this Acting ADHD slur often. Heck, I’ve even used it myself.

I’ve heard my daughter and her friends say it about the kids with ADHD they know. I’ve said it, too about myself and other people. (As I type this I realize what a jerk I can be sometimes. Please, forgive me.)

After today’s realization, this all stops. No more saying Acting ADHD in a negative way. For that, I’ll pick the specific behavior. I’m acting scattered. I’m acting impulsive.

Starting today I’m saving, “I’m acting ADHD”, for the good stuff. Because buried under the challenging ADHD symptoms IS good stuff.

That’s why I’m determined to help as many people as I can learn to live easier with ADHD. So the negative pieces no longer overrun your life. So you too realize that Acting ADHD is good stuff.

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