The ADD Success 11th Anniversary Celebration

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Shoot off those firecrackers! Open the champagne! This month we’re celebrating the 11th Anniversary of my ADD Success ezine.

Yep, almost every month since July 2001 I’ve emailed an issue of ADD Success. Who’d a thought I could have stuck with something that long!

How’d I do it?

Well, by setting a weekly writing schedule for one thing.

But mostly because sharing what I know about living more successfully with ADD / ADHD is my passion. And, writing ADD Success is my way of ‘paying it forward’ and helping people who can’t afford to hire an ADD coach.

And, yes, I realize the big celebration should have been last year for the 10th anniversary, but, in true ADD style, I forgot. Let’s just celebrate a little late, shall we?

ADD Success has evolved over the years.

The name has changed. It used to be The ADDed Success News.

The format is a bit different, too. In the early days ADD Success had a variety of short articles in each issue.

Also, The Last Word in ADD Success section came later. That’s many reader’s favorite part where I divulge the secrets of my ADD life.

But, basically the ezine is pretty much the same. A useful article about some aspect of getting organized or living more easily with Attention Deficit.

Ah, the number of subscribers has changed, too. At first I think there were six of us…including my husband, my sister and my mom. Now each issue reaches more than 1000 ADHD adults. Many of whom have subscribed since the early days.

What? You aren’t an ADD Success subscriber?

Well! It’s easy to do. Subscribe to ADD Success here.

You’ll get an issue delivered to your inbox every month – sometimes a bit more often. Don’t worry. Your email address is safe with me. I hate spam as much as you do and will never, sell, trade or give away your information.

Here’s To Your ADD Success,

ADHD Coach Dana Rayburn


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